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5 Leaders 5 Messages 5 Minutes

Startups are blossoming across the country and so are their leaders. They are breaking trends and redefining how business is done in the industry. From making tea to making gold out of garbage, they are trending across social media with their crazy ideas. But that’s not it; they are earning huge amounts of money and getting funding from corporates too.

In addition to the above category, there are those who are close to taking a plunge into the start up space. They are spreading their message and earning good will through their work. Here are the 5 leaders who are making a killing on social media with their leadership quotient. By the way, you won’t take more than 5 minutes to read through and enjoy their stories!

  1. Uppma Virdi: The chai walli
    uppma-virdi-the-chai-walliEver imagine making a living successfully by becoming a “Chai Walli?” Yes, it’s possible. Uppma Virdi, followed her passion and started “Chai Walli,” serving tea to people living in Australia. Not only that, she was selected the Businesswoman of the Year 2016 by IABCA (Sydney).
    Message: Follow your passion and excellence will follow.
  2. Seema Rao: The 47 year-old iron woman who is India’s first and only female commando trainer
    She has been training the Indian Armed Forces for almost two decades. Her father was a freedom fighter and her husband is in the army. She runs a program called DARE (Defense Against Rape and Eve Teasing) teaching self-defense to women. Her program is gaining popularity in corporates. Who knows, in the coming times she might expand her network across the country and become the Iron Lady of the country.
    Message: Competence leads to confidence leads to more competence, which leads to winning.
  3. Ramesh Babu: A barber who loves his Rolls Royce
    He owns a fleet of luxury cars and his clients include Bollywood celebrities, politicians and businessmen. He owns a luxury car rental business along with his usual work of cutting and styling hair. This makes him one of the richest barbers in the country. It all started with a dream of owning cars and gradually he expanded his fleet to fuel his passion for cars by starting a car rental company.
    Message: There is no limit to your thinking – even impossible says I-M-POSSIBLE.
  4. Richa Kar: venturing into a secret world

    Kar worked with corporates like i-Flex, Spencer’s, and Intergraph. She ventured into a territory that was still unexplored – the world of lingerie. Surprised? Yes, in India, where purchasing lingerie mostly happens in shops which are owned mostly by men, buying lingerie was an uncomfortable affair. Richa saw a gap and she started Zivame, which is now the biggest online retailer of lingerie in India.
    Message: If you can find the need, you are on your way to success.
  5. Laxmi Menon: A social entrepreneur
    What ideas can you think of while disposing of a disposable pen? Laxmi Menon gave the entire process of disposing a new meaning. She took a seed and put it inside the disposable pen. As and when you decide to dispose of the pen, all you have to do is put it inside fertile soil and the seed will sprout from the bottom of the pen. That’s social entrepreneurship!
    Message: It’s not just about earning money, but about making a difference.
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