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Managing Virtual Teams

In life there is no such thing as impossible; it is always possible.– Venus Williams

Woking in virtual teams is an increasing reality in corporates today. Learning how to manage people you don’t see face-to-face is a skill that you need regardless of what industry you’re in. Learning this skill will also be of enduring importance for every professional throughout his or her career, going ahead.

The challenges encountered by leaders engaging in this endeavour are many:

• How does one communicate effectively? It is not the same as when you are face to face.
• What tactics should one follow to ensure team alignment?
• How do you get people to do what you want them to do – in the timelines you want them to do it in?
• How do we build trust in virtual teams?

Luckily for us, there is a large body of work that has already been done by many experts in the field of human behaviour and influence, that we can lean on to navigate these challenges. The workshop leverages the work done by many such giants like Robert Cialdini to answer these questions for participants, such that they go away from this workshop with specific, actionable steps that they can implement immediately.

Through experiential learning combined with practical exercises, group sharing, discussions and reflection, this workshop helps participants to understand how to manage virtual teams.

A few key parameters:

1 day

Time Limit

Indoor or Virtual

Where this can be run

Up to 30

Group sizes

Can be done


Is this workshop right for my team?
Despite all the challenges of virtual teams, they are here to stay, since the benefits of having remote teams is very significant too. No wonder then, that the number of remote workers across companies continues to show an increasing trend.

Managing a virtual team requires managers to revisit the fundamentals of good management, including establishing clear goals, running great meetings, communicating clearly, leveraging team members’ individual and collective strengths and influencing rather than directing team members. All these points were always important, but with the dramatic shift to virtual working, these points and how they are adapted to the virtual world have become critical to organizational productivity.

The workshop is an insightful journey for participants as they discover practical, tangible and actionable steps to be more effective in the new virtual paradigm.

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