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Leading Change

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans– John Lennon

“Change is the only constant” is such a cliché. However, just because we know it is a cliché does not make it any easier when it comes to adapting to it. Teams work in the context of a changing environment – changing systems, changing leaders, changing priorities, evolving organizations. So, it is but natural that members who make up the team, go through a roller coaster of emotions and resistance when they encounter change.

The questions and reactions that are thrown up comes in all hues and shades – laced with fear, uneasiness, distrust, suspicion and anger.

• Why should we be doing it the new way?
• Why should we change?
• Why can things not be the same?
• I am not sure whether we are heading the right way by doing this!

For a leader who is at the helm of spearheading this change, it seems like standing in front of a speeding truck at times – with the blinding headlights freezing her in position. The knee jerk reaction to such a situation often takes extreme forms that only pushes the team into a further negative spiral of action, reaction, anger and further unmindful reactions! The resulting effect on teams and organizations can be catastrophic.

Leading change or “change management” as it is fashionably called, is hence no more a domain to be left to the external consultants. It is an essential skill that Leaders need to thoughtfully develop. Leaders after all cannot allow the overwhelming forces of change to overwhelm them. They need to lead their teams with a soft guiding hand through such turbulent times.

Through an engaging workshop experience that weaves in the seminal work done by pioneers in the field, like John P. Kotter of the Harvard Business School and psychologists like Kurt Lewin & Elizabeth Kubler Ross, FocusU brings to life the concepts on how leaders can lead change with compassion and wisdom.

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The key take-aways that the workshop targets to achieve with participants are that:

1) Leading Change is inextricably linked with Leadership behaviours
2) Building personal credibility is a big first step in becoming an effective Change Leader
3) Without understanding their own “operative narrative” – change leaders may be scuttling their own effectiveness
4) The attitude that a leader brings to change, is contagious!
5) The different phases that people go through during times of change
6) The pivotal role of emotions when change happens
7) How change actually happens: Analyse-Think-Change versus See-Feel-Change
8) How to guide teams skilfully through the turbulence of change

If your team is going through a time of change – and you are looking at equipping your leaders to lead the change – FocusU invites you to explore The Leading Change workshop!

Contact Us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!

  • "I was part of the Leading Change training program and would like to share how much I enjoyed attending this training. This is the second training program with you. FocusU has always made the learning’s more interesting. The topics are converted into activities and the learning from the activities are then discussed as topics which makes us to relate it in real time. The best part is there is no PPT in the training and the team is always courteous enough to take our inputs for any discussion. A Facilitator is definitely  more knowledgeable than the people who attend the training. But the key is for you to hold your intelligence within yourself and get down to the level of attendees.  This what makes you “The Trainer” and FocusU does this the best. I would love to attend any of the future trainings conducted by FocusU and I would also surely encourage my team members to attend any of the trainings conducted by FocusU."
    Selvam Thamizharassan
    Manager Consulting | CGI

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