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Women’s Leadership Program

The unique qualities and leadership styles that women bring to the table have the potential to reshape traditional notions of leadership, fostering more collaborative and inclusive approaches that benefit organizations as a whole. Are we capable of embracing it?

Business Impact

Ideally Suitable For

  • First-time Managers
  • High Potential Employees
  • Middle-level Managers
  • Senior Leaders
  • For Women Leaders

The delivery will be customised as per the needs of the learning cohort.

What you will learn in Women’s Leadership Program

How is this activity available?

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

Masterclass (MC)

Masterclass (MC)

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Available in -

  • Instructor-led Training (ILT) Instructor-led Training (ILT)
  • Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)
  • Masterclass (MC) Masterclass (MC)
This course includes:
  • modules 3 modules
  • fun challenges Duration: 90-120 minutes
  • Duration of 3 hours 1 case study
  • 25+ fun challengesIdeal for: 20-30 participants at a time

The business impact of running a women’s leadership program in your organization is that it:

  • Fosters a more diverse workforce, bringing varied perspectives and experiences to the table
  • Expands the pool of potential successors, ensuring a robust pipeline of talent for future leadership roles
  • Promotes balanced decision-making, drawing on diverse viewpoints and improving overall organizational outcomes
  • Demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity, boosting employee morale and engagement across the organization
  • Positions the organization as forward-thinking, attracting top talent and enhancing its reputation in the market
  • Participant handbook
  • Pre-work assignment (optional)
  • Post-work assignment (optional)
  • Pocket insights (optional)
  • Manager Insights (optional)
  • Understanding self better as a leader
  • Leading like a woman
  • Winning the internal battle
  • Managing energy
  • Projecting Presence
  • Influencing assertively
  • Overcoming common challenges
  • Making a commitment
  • Building the habit
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On each topic page, you will see icons on the right that clarify this. This is how you decode them:

  • ILT (Instructor-led Training) - ILT (Instructor-led Training)
  • VILT (Virtual Instructor-led Training) - VILT (Virtual Instructor-led Training)
  • OBS (Online Business Simulation) - OBS (Online Business Simulation)
  • ML (Microlearning) - ML (Microlearning)
  • MC (Masterclass) - MC (Masterclass)
  • SDP (Storified Digital Products Asynchronous) - SDP (Storified Digital Products - Asynchronous)
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) - DIY (Do It Yourself)

The simulation addresses generic challenges encountered at the workplace. The customisation to the specific cohort as per their industry / company situation is done by the Facilitator running the session.

You can download a program overview from each of the topic pages. Do note that while this will give you a broad structure of the workshop, our learning designers will still need to talk with you to customize the workshop to your context.

For each workshop, we can help you with a set of 3 different teasers that you can customize and share periodically with participants to build excitement and get traction.

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    10/10. Loved it. Thank you to the whole team for making this virtual event memorable for us! It certainly rekindled our team spirit and bonding. And well done to all teams! Keep flying Sky High like Pegasus. May the Lightning Bringer spirit always keep you engaged ! 😉

    Saranya Mukherjee
    Reckitt Benckiser Lead-Early Careers Development, Campus and Employer Branding
  •  compnany logo

    As the name says F-Fantastic, O-Outstanding, C-Confident, U-Useful, S-Safety - I have been working with this team for the past 4 years and trust me they have surpassed the quality & way team building activities are conducted. They get into the minutest details. They plan well in advance and manage the entire event with ease. You really don't have to ask anything what's going to happen next.

    Mayur Thakkar
    Shobiz Experiential Communications Account Director
  •  compnany logo

    Mind over matter Challenge was meticulously organized. It was very engaging and refreshing for all the participants. We received a series of positive feedback as to how these challenges have been impactful and energizing to kick start the day. Each Challenge was well thought out. There was a mix of fun challenges as well as fitness and a few of them made us all nostalgic.

    Kavitha Puttaswamy
    PayPal India
  •  compnany logo

    Overall, I would give a rating of 9/10 and would also recommend FocusU. Some qualitative feedback received from others: - The program was very nice - Didn’t know how the 2 hours went by - It took our mind off work – created an #escapemoment that all of us need - The FocusU team was very enterprising, with high passion and energy levels Look forward to more such sessions in the future

    Ajay Simha
    Beiersdorf Nivea Marketing Manager