Leadership Team Retreats

It is the time for your Leadership Team Retreat – maybe you call it the Ex-Com Team or maybe you call it your CxO team. Different companies have different terms for their Top Team. One thing though is common – it needs to run like clockwork.

Now let us take a top down look at a typical check-list for such a retreat:
• Hotel bookings
• Travel arrangements
• Evening Arrangement

That super-efficient event company whom you hire every year – has every detail planned down to the last detail. Fantastic. But even if you don’t have one – we know of many such agencies that could help tie these logistical details.

But what about the heart of the workshop – how do you ensure that the actual discussions ebb & flow smoothly with just the right mix of energy and intensity? How do you make sure it is engaging, interesting – and keeps such a super sharp team completely in flow? How do we ensure that the offsite doesn’t become a continuation of the last work discussion at office?

Years of running workshops for many such teams have taught us an important lesson that Mom kept hammering into us years ago: Doing Homework Always Helps! We do a lot & lot of homework…. And then some more, to understand our group a little better. Sample a few:

• Is it just a fun time to unwind and recharge batteries for the top leadership or is there a business agenda to be addressed?
• What does the Leader want to achieve?
• What do the other key stakeholders want to achieve? Can the above two objectives be reconciled?
• Depending on the dynamics of the team – what would be the right methodology that we should adopt? Especially if the offsite involves business discussions, methodologies chosen take on utmost importance. Lego Serious Play has been one of the methodologies which we have found to very effective in facilitating real time strategy sessions and strategic planning sessions for top teams.
• Before we start the workshop – are the organizers, the Leader and our team – on the same page, in terms of the final workshop deliverables?

There is a famous quote that says: “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. We are staunch believers in that maxim, modified to: “The more meticulous the homework, the smoother the workshop”.

Most such senior team workshops are run in luxury properties across the country. Do read our blog for a few such options. However, such workshops can also be staged as bespoke experiences in a crowded city like Mumbai or a quaint vineyard in Nagpur! It can also be staged as a unique CSR experience that touches the very hearts of people.

If the stakes are high and you want clockwork – do contact us today!

  • "A big thanks from the entire FCM team of Marico for conducting such a memorable workshop! The FocusU Team did a great job in creating an informal and casual atmosphere which was perfect for the kind of sessions that were conducted. Though the team has been working together for over a year, the team has obtained a greater understanding and has developed a renewed sense of bonding. The program was simple in design, energetic and stimulating with exercises that were both fun and informative. The highlight of the program was the sharing of life experiences which was conducted with remarkable ease and affability. Just while we thought the program had come to an end, we were pleasantly surprised with the recap video and photographs. It is safe to say that we have now been upgraded from colleagues to friends. This one-day workshop will not only go a long way in enhancing effectiveness at the workplace but has also created a strong human connect amongst the team. We look forward to have many such workshops in the future."
    Commercial Manager | Marico

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