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15 Ideas for a Memorable Holi Celebration at Work


Holi is a vibrant festival that calls for fun-filled celebrations. Known as the festival of colors, Holi signifies the triumph of good over evil. It marks the arrival of spring after the cold spell of winter. Holi also celebrates the enduring love of Lord Krishna and Radha.
The tradition of celebrating Holi dates back to ancient times. Culturally, the essence of this festival lies in spreading joy and happiness. The vibrant colors used in Holi are symbolic of this aspect of the festival. It is the day to forget, forgive, and start afresh. People indulge in fun banter using water guns, water balloons, and colors.
Holi provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen your bonds with not just your friends and family but your employees as well.
Organizing a Holi celebration in the office is a great way to uphold the spirit of togetherness. You can engage your employees in various fun activities. By offering respite from the grind of routine work, you can leverage the festivities to spread cheer and positivity.
The best part of celebrating Holi in the office is that you can help build a sense of community among your employees and reinforce human connections.

Significance of Celebrating Holi in Office

Celebrating Holi at work isn’t just about fun festivities. It’s also about fostering a positive and inclusive work culture. It helps to celebrate diversity, which is essential for any organization.

Such celebrations lead to a greater sense of belonging as employees feel accepted and respected for their unique beliefs and backgrounds. This, in turn, creates a more satisfied and productive workforce.

By creating a healthy work culture, you can boost employee morale and pave the way for team cohesiveness.

So, are you planning to celebrate Holi at your workplace? We have curated 15 amazing ideas for Holi celebrations in the office.

Check them out!

Exciting Ideas to Celebrate Holi at Work
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The cool part about Holi is that you can be as creative as you want with the celebration ideas. Just make sure that they are high on the fun quotient.

Let’s get started with our innovative Holi celebration ideas for work:

  1. Pick a Theme


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A theme can set the tone for any celebration, and Holi isn’t an exception. Select a theme that can infuse excitement and vibrancy into your celebrations.

  • You can go for a traditional theme for your Holi celebrations. Think in terms of the attire, food, music, activities, etc., that can bring alive this theme.
  • A color-based theme is a fun-filled idea. You can ask everyone to follow a certain color code for the celebrations, including dress, décor, and food.
  • Eco-friendly is another theme worth considering. Make sure to include bio-degradable colors, sustainable decoration, recyclable tableware, and organic food. Also, plan activities that will require minimum use of water.
  • Add a touch of uniqueness to the celebrations with a creative theme. You can draw inspiration from movies, music, or cultural motifs to come up with an innovative idea.
  1. Do the Décor
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Decorations are a must to create a festive ambiance for your Holi celebrations. Keep your decoration relevant to the chosen theme.

For instance, you can use kulhads (mini clay pots) to decorate your workstations for a traditional theme. Decorative items like balloons, streamers, ribbons, and banners are great for adding colors to your office walls, cubicles, and other areas.

Creating a Rangoli is another idea to accentuate the festive vibe. Go for a theme-based Rangoli design to maximize the impact of the decoration.

  1. Face Canvas

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Putting colors on the face is a must-do fun ritual on Holi. How about turning this ritual into an interesting activity?

Ask your employees to use your face as a canvas and unleash their creativity on it. Alternatively, you can divide your employees into groups and ask each group to color the faces of the next group.

  1. Chance for a Dance

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Dancing and Holi celebrations go hand in hand! No Holi celebration seems to be complete without dancing to some foot-tapping music.

Prepare a playlist comprising Bollywood Holi numbers and play it to get everyone into the mood. Encourage everyone to dance and have fun.

  1. Rangoli Creativity

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A Rangoli can brighten up any part of your office in a jiffy. It’s one of the most interesting Holi celebration ideas for the office

Organize a Rangoli-making competition and ask your employees to come up with creative designs having vivid colors. A Rangoli competition is a great idea for a virtual Holi celebration as well.

  1. Color Identity 

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When it comes to colors, each one is associated with a meaning. For instance, blue is associated with serenity or stability.

Assign each employee a color for the day based on their dominant trait. It will allow your office members to know each other better. This fun activity is perfect for remote teams as well.

  1. Bingo With Colors

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Add a twist to the traditional bingo and go for a color-filled version. The idea is to match colors instead of numbers on a bingo card and compete to win colorful prizes.

  1. Holi-based Antakshari

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A dose of antakshari fun can take your office Holi celebrations to the next level. It’s also one of the perfect virtual Holi celebration ideas.

Just make sure that the songs are all based on Holi. From the evergreen Rang Barsey to the more recent Balam Pichkari, each Holi number can enhance the festive spirit in your office.

  1. Housie on Holi

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Housie or Tambola is another bingo-style game that is a must for your Holi game list. This multiplayer game packs in loads of fun and is perfect for office Holi celebrations.

Arrange for a Housie game set, and you will be all set to unleash the fun!

  1. Potluck Masterchef

Organizing a potluck can add to the festive vibe of your Holi celebration in the office.

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Take it a step further and ask everyone to prepare a recipe that has a color assigned to them. This will provide your employees with a great opportunity to enjoy different dishes and flavors.

  1. Trivia Event 

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A trivia event is one of the most engaging ideas for on-site as well as virtual Holi celebrations. It allows remote teammates to participate in the Holi celebrations through a Zoom meeting.

Select a Holi theme for the trivia event and prepare questions related to the festival. Divide the participants into two or more groups and ask the questions to each group one by one. Each group can compete to win the event by giving the right answers.

  1. Photo Booth Fun

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A photo booth can add a nice touch to your Holi celebration ideas for work.

Make sure that the photo booth has a colorful backdrop and plenty of accessories and props. Create a hashtag for the event. Encourage your employees to share their photo booth pictures on social media using the hashtag.

  1. Musical Chairs 


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Playing musical chairs is one of the easiest ideas for Holi celebrations in the office. But it’s always a hit idea.

Arrange the chairs and encourage your employees to participate in the event. Make sure to play Holi-based numbers to pep up the festive mood.

  1. Gujiya-Pakoda Binge

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Food forms an integral part of any festival and should be a part of the Holi celebration in the office. While your employees are engaged in various activities, make sure that they have something to binge on as well.

Arrange for some delicious gujiyas and pakodas to top their Holi experience at the workplace. You can also add more traditional dishes like malpua, kheer, dahi wada, and lassi, to name a few. You can even set up a live counter for these mouth-watering snacks to be freshly made.

  1. NGO or Charity Collaboration 

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Holi isn’t just about having fun. It’s also about developing a sense of social responsibility and getting involved in community service.

Encourage your employees to conduct a charity drive. Collaborate with an NGO or charity organization where employees can donate sweets, clothes, and other essential items to the underprivileged.

Alternatively, you can organize a Holi celebration event for underprivileged children. Such events will help develop a sense of empathy in your employees.


Holi celebration in the office offers your employees an opportunity to let their hair down and have unlimited fun. When colleagues come together to celebrate this occasion, they create memories that can last for years to come.

The ideas mentioned in this blog will enable you to foster team building and boost camaraderie between employees. Many of the ideas also cater to virtual Holi celebrations.

We are glad that you are interested in creating a memorable Holi celebration at work. We hope our ideas will add to your celebrations. If you like the ideas in this blog, share them with others.

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