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Team Building – Motivating Employees to Be Innovative

Once a team is successfully built, each member will unleash their creativity and hidden potential and also generate ideas.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success”
Team building is an opportunity to learn the art of blending individual brilliance and team excellence. Team is also about empowering each other and we achieve maximum success, when we work as a team.

When someone is leading a team as a leader it is important to inspire and motivate the members. Once that is done each member will unleash their creativity and hidden potential and also generate ideas leading to a successful implementation. It is important to build a culture of team synergy and bonding, to support one another to play as a winning team. Below I have mentioned a few kickers essential to lead a successful team:

  • Identify their strengths and also their limitations. To continually develop, plan to overcome their limitations through training and counseling
  • Create challenging situations and challenge them to unleash their potential to perform as a team
  • Appreciate and recognize their contributions, performance and duly reward them for their consistent performance
  • Continual learning and continual education- sharpening their skills and competencies constantly to do things differently
  • Ability to make things happen and get things done the right way- transcending barriers / moving beyond limitations to create par excellence / par performance
  • Coaching them to maximize their strengths and overcome their limitations
  • Leading them to be focused, organized and disciplined in execution (Speed and Quality)
  • Create opportunities to showcase their talent and abilities, both in projects and beyond- in various organizational initiatives
  • Cultivate risk taking abilities and challenges, stretched targets to accomplish goals
  • Play with winning assumption and positive image for success
  • Manage stress (Stress can’t be controlled, it needs to be managed)
  • Quick wins in projects / initiatives through continual innovation of processes and application of technology at workplace
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Source: Pixabay
Finally…A winning team creates captivating strategies to continue their endearing streak. They continually learn from the loss and bounce back (turn around) to achieve more than the given target. Winning is a habit- Once it is imbibed in the team, it becomes an attitude. A winning team demonstrates the principles and quality of team leadership.

For example, in soccer, every player has to perform to the fullest potential and strength. Every player gets an opportunity to either pass the ball or hit the ball. It’s about leveraging opportunity to create a winning situation for the team and not for self. If everyone is able to act on the situation – when a ball is passed and action is taken to either pass or hit to the goal, it leads to winning situation. The same applies in our corporate life. We all have to work as one team be it in project or any initiative for a common goal. How we collaborate, communicate, coordinate, and cooperate to co-create value for the team leading to delivering value for the organization is an important characteristic of winning team.


Source: Pixabay
The article has been contributed by Mr. V. Subramaniam, Director – IT/CIO (India & Gulf Area), Otis India

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