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The Wheels Of Hope Challenge

The best gift we can give to others is hopeIlchi Lee

Can we really touch the life of another human being – in some meaningful way?

Especially in the daily busy-ness of our corporate lives, where we often don’t find time to look up from our desks and computer screens – it sometimes seems a far stretch when we stop to ponder the above question. And yet, there are times when life shakes us out of our stupor. Helen Keller put it very aptly, when she said: “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”.

FocusU invites you to one such experience – The Wheels of Hope Challenge!

In this incredible team building challenge, teams equipped with tool kits and enthusiasm compete tooth and nail, with each other – to build, you guessed it right: Wheelchairs! Meanwhile, other teammates negotiate fun, innovative puzzles and challenges, to earn enough ‘points’ for purchasing other crucial parts needed to complete the wheelchairs.

The final bell rings. Teams jostle with each other to take pride of place at the presentation/start line. Suddenly the lights dim – and the screen lights up with a video. It’s a real-life slice-of-life video of a world very different from their own. Of handicapped and destitute people for whom taking every step is a challenge – and every day is an ordeal to be overcome.

The lights come on – and a door at the end of the room slowly opens. All eyes turn to the door – and watch in muted disbelief as many of the same people they just saw in the video, slowly, in measured steps, walk in – almost shyly. We have never done this challenge without having goose bumps ourselves or moist eyes across the room.

What was “just another team building activity” suddenly takes a much deeper meaning for every single person in the room. The time they have spent in constructing the wheelchairs was about something that was much bigger than they had ever imagined! It was really about truly touching the lives of so many people in the most tangible way possible.

As Kahlil Gibran says in The Prophet, “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give”. We can partner with a NGO of your choice – or we can suggest a few good ones ourselves to get as many of the deserving people secretly to the venue.

The Wheels of Hope Challenge! can be run for any group size from 12 people to 500 people – or even more at a single time. If you ask us to suggest any one challenge for your team – we would always choose this one for the sheer manner in which it touches people’s lives.

Try this one for your next team engagement program!


"It's always a difficult task to energetically engage the Sr Leadership team in team building activities. As most of them have been to many such workshops in past and the first feeling is “Oh! Not again”. My compliments to Focus team on creating such fresh approach and innovative activities. This completely gives a new possibility to Executive Engagement and team building workshops. For us this was the 2nd session with FocusU, and I was a little sceptical initially if the impact will be at the same level as of last time. My compliments to the lead facilitator and the Focus team for making this experience a WOW experience yet again. The day was full of energy, engagement and generated required enthusiasm. The learning in the process was natural and not forced. Thanks Focus team."
Amit Sharma
Vice President - Talent Management & Learning (HR), Canara HSBC Life

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