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Random Acts of Kindness

Much like contagious energy, simple acts of kindness can work wonders for any team. As we cultivate a culture of compassion, watch how the smallest of gestures create ripples of positivity, fostering a team spirit that thrives on empathy and understanding.

Business Impact

Ideally Suitable For

  • Entry-level Employees
  • First-time Managers
  • Individual Contributors
  • Middle Managers
  • Senior-level Managers

The delivery will be customised as per the needs of the learning cohort.

What you will learn in Random Acts of Kindness

How is this activity available?

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

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Available in -

  • Instructor-led Training (ILT) Instructor-led Training (ILT)
  • Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)
  • fun challenges Duration: 60-90 minutes
  • 25+ fun challengesIdeal for: 10-40 participants at a time
  • Customization: Debrief can be customized

The programs helps you:

  • Cultivate a culture of respect and empathy
  • Minimize friction and conflicts
  • Make employees feel valued and connected to the workplace
  • Build trust and a cohesive team by fostering positive relationships
  • Enhance the overall employee experience
  • Contribute to the overall well-being of employees, promoting a healthier work-life balance
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Frequently asked questions

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We use Zoom or MS Teams for a seamless execution of virtual activities.

We divide them into teams of 6 or 7, depending on the total number of participants.

Not really. We have divided the team in the best possible manner and teams with fewer members also often win this challenge

All the materials (online and otherwise) that are needed to execute this activity will be brought in by FocusU

We always perform a whitelisting check to ensure links function smoothly in your system. If firewall protection is in place, we collaborate with your IT team to whitelist the link for a seamless experience.

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    When employees arrived an hour late, for our year-end session, energy and spirit was extremely low. I was very worried about everyone having a good time whilst also achieving the objectives of communication, trust and teamwork. However, all my concerns were put to rest with the high level of energizers conducted by Focus facilitator, which got everyone moving and interacting.

    Shabana Qasmi
    Louis Dreyfus Company Services India Private Limited SSC HR Lead
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    10/10. Loved it. Thank you to the whole team for making this virtual event memorable for us! It certainly rekindled our team spirit and bonding. And well done to all teams! Keep flying Sky High like Pegasus. May the Lightning Bringer spirit always keep you engaged ! 😉

    Saranya Mukherjee
    Reckitt Benckiser Lead-Early Careers Development, Campus and Employer Branding
  •  compnany logo

    FocusU conducted an excellent training program - the team was full of energy and enthusiasm. The sessions were led with tremendous gusto ensuring participation of each member. The messages were driven home through a very intuitive process of games in practice followed by theory sessions. The process of taking immediate feedback and discussion resulted in participative and experiential learning.

    Sandeep Kakar
    Aditya Birla Capital
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    Thank you for conducting such a great activity for our team. The activity (random act of kindness) was fun, motivating and engaging. It made us realise how we can contribute in the smallest of ways and bring a smile to others. It truly did lift up spirits of our team. A great digital activity and very well-managed by your team.

    Shital Jhunjhunwalla
    Acme Experiences Manager - Client Servicing