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Find your WHY

“He who has a why to live for, can bear almost any how”– Friedrich Nietzsche

A clear and compelling purpose is the glue that binds together a group of individuals. It is the foundation on which the collective “we” of a real team is built.

Purpose plays this critical role because it is the source of the meaning and significance people seek in what they do. A Gallup research revealed that the vast majority of us want to feel part of something larger and more important than ourselves. When workers were asked how important it was that their lives be meaningful, 83 percent said “very important” and another 15 percent said “fairly important.” That’s an astounding 98 percent to whom it was at least “important.” No wonder collective purpose is the first requirement in creating any real team.

The question for anyone leading a team then, is how do they help their team arrive at their purpose?

The journey to arrive at a purpose for the team starts with getting the team members to know each other very well and far beyond their designations or work roles. This is an important first step because if you’re just a team at work doing your thing and you don’t know or respect each other properly, how can you trust each other and be honest? We achieve this through different experiential activities that get people to drop their guards and get to know each other in an informal way.

The workshop leans heavily on the work done by author Simon Sinek and his path breaking work around helping individuals and organizations find their WHY. His TED talk on the topic sets the tone for the team to get a context and dive into a more introspective mode.

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Teams get a sense of what Purpose is, when they look at the purpose statements of many leading companies:

⦁ Harley Davidson: To fulfill dreams of personal freedom. To build communities of people who love the freedom of the open road

⦁ Apple: To make tools for the mind that advance humankind

⦁ Google: To organize the world’s information and make it universally useful

⦁ Nike: To bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world. And if you have a body, you are a athlete

Through an engaging process of introspection, discussion, sharing and funneling down, conducted in an iterative and participative manner, the FocusU facilitators help teams arrive upon a purpose statement that is personally meaningful, real, tangible and compelling.

A few key parameters:

0.5 -1 day

Time Limit


Where this can be run

Up to 30

Group sizes



Is this workshop right for my team?

It is not just entire companies that should have a purpose; teams should too. All teams need clarity. Clarity must be at the heart: clarity of purpose, plan, and who’s responsible for what.

A few take-aways for participants and the team are:
⦁ It helps people decide whether they should commit
⦁ It helps model the right behaviors
⦁ It helps people connect to a higher meaning in the work that they do

If you are looking at charging your team with a new sense of purpose, FocusU invites you to “Find your WHY” with us!

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