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Engage New Joiners

As Aristotle said: “Well begun is half done.”

You have a new batch of people who have just joined your organization. You have crafted and executed a very well thought out onboarding program that has delivered the high of meeting the top leadership and the pride of joining an esteemed organization. What next?

Sample a few challenges that the HR and Leaders are faced with:
⦁ How do we ensure that all new joiners are aligned to our values?
⦁ How will they understand the competencies needed to succeed in their new role?
⦁ How do we train all the new people who are spread across locations, without having them to spend a month in head office?
⦁ How do we track progress on their learning?
⦁ How do we teach them about all the different nuances of the organization – in a most effective way?
⦁ How do we do all this, without spending a fortune?

The first six months are the most critical in the life of any new joiner. It’s very easy for new joiners to lose track and get disenchanted, if they are not handheld in a proper manner. This finally reflects as “infant attrition” a phenomenon that is a huge problem for the HR fraternity.

How can this be addressed?

Microlearning is a powerful tool in handling this challenge – when well thought out and utilized.

Think of it like the almost invisible strings that hold kites as they soar above euphorically. Without the strings, the kites would be lost. With them, they gain direction and confidence in their journey above. Through gentle nudges and real time dashboards, akin to the gentle tugs that a kite flyer delivers, you can ensure that no – one is slipping through and everyone is engaged.

Here are some of the ways you could leverage microlearning with new joiners:

⦁ Help them explore the organizational values and link them to their work.
⦁ Enable them to understand the competencies important for their role.
⦁ Get your new joiners to work on live projects in their specific functions.
⦁ Help your new joiners become aware of the key policies.
⦁ Get your new joiners pick up important leadership skills on the go and apply them at work.
⦁ Enable the new joiners to stay connected with the others and learn informally.
⦁ Keep them informed about the different organizational resources available
⦁ Use fun activities to keep them engaged and informed.
⦁ Allow them to share thoughts, concerns and highs to others in their own cohort who could become their sounding boards

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The entire set of topics had a good coverage on the day to day activities in a corporate life. It was fun to solve the challenges and a good learning experience. Thank you 😊
Vinod Unni