The Celluloid Challenge

Lights, Camera, Action!

Anyone who has ever watched a movie after the final scene ends, and the credits start rolling - would appreciate that it takes a tremendous amount of team work, communication, co-ordination, creativity, leadership and time management to create a movie.

FocusU now turns this fascinating film making activity into a mesmerizing new challenge, called The Celluloid Challenge. In this challenge that gets every single person in the team engaged and contributing, we turn your employees into full film production units. The teams are challenged - to produce their own unique versions of some of our Bollywood classics. Alternatively, we can custom design the content for the group to incorporate their very own company message, corporate focus or offsite theme.

The Celluloid Challenge

But when it comes to FocusU, you can be quite sure - every moment will be a challenge. And so, budgets will be limited, time deadlines will be tight and every single person in the team will have a role to perform. As with real time movie making - teamwork, planning and efficient implementation of roles and tasks are critical to succeed. Budgets need to be scrupulously managed to balance between props, costumes, camera and sound equipment. Our FocusU Co-Facilitator will take each team through a crash course on movie making - handling & using the camera, editing etc.

The Celluloid Challenge is ideal for group sizes upto 50 people at a time, though of course we can stage it for larger groups too. The challenge moves through the different stages of film making - ideating, scripting, shooting and editing.

As the clock ticks away, teams are faced with a series of decisions to make. Who will be the actors? Who is going to direct? And what about the camera operator? What props and costumes to choose? Which story-line to go with? And of course - what is a Bollywood production without some song and dance? So, who will be the choreographer, singers and dancers? Which locations to shoot at? Clearly, serious teamwork will be essential for success in this anything-but-serious event.

As the deadline for submission nears - the excitement generally reaches a fever pitch. There are last minute suggestions and additions. Overall - the whole place buzzes with energy. The excitement is contagious.

It all comes to a delightful climax with an award ceremony, hosted by the esteemed head of the Film Academy Committee. The cheering, the laughter and the smiles happen in big measure, as each team screens their masterpiece for the rest of the groups to savour.

If you are looking for a team building exercise of a special kind, that unleashes the creativity of your teams, do try The Celluloid Challenge today!

  • "Within just 2 minutes of our interaction with the Focus team, we got convinced that our decision to go for new trainers will not be wrong decision. They explained the activities so passionately that in that half hour of discussion with them we were already day dreaming of our offsite day. Then the D day came and we met our 3 awesome Facilitators. They swayed us away from our daily work pressure with their warm and infectious smile and extraordinary energies. We did celluloid challenge and oh my god it was super super fun. For that 90 minutes we all were living our hidden childhood dream to be an actor or actress. What’s commendable is they imbibed our company values in those activities so everyone is having fun but not forgetting the values that we inherit. It was out first time with FocusU but I am assured this is just the beginning. Now people in the team look forward to activities because of the fun we had because of the Facilitators from FocusU. Hats off to the team for doing such a wonderful job and inspiring many others including me to take up the task of making others happy by doing great work. Once again a big thanks to all of you."

    Vidita Chachra
    Deputy Manager – IPC Region 1, Insurance, XL Catlin

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