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Team Building With A Twist

Imagine this: your flight just landed and now you’re on your way to the annual team offsite – a time to let down your hair and have some fun in a new city! But then a feeling of sadness creeps in… you know you have a team building activity planned and you don’t want to spend the next day in a conference room.

FEAR NOT! We at FocusU empathize and have a solution for your team. We understand that annual offsites and retreats are meant to be both fun and meaningful and we strive to strike that balance through our many activities that are rooted in the experiential learning methodology.

But that isn’t enough for us – we want to go that extra mile (literally)!


Well ladies and gentlemen, lace up your running shoes, for The Incredible Race Challenge is about to begin! Inspired by the popular TV show “The Amazing Race,” this fast-paced team building activity challenges teams to work together as they race together to go the distance and cover the maximum number of points possible.

Finally got your team to that exotic location you’ve always dreamed of going? Now you can shake up those boring tours and sightseeing trips by seeing the city in a fresh and infinitely more interesting way. The Incredible Race Challenge tests the physical and the mental, pushing teams to solve clues, complete challenge stations, and even take part in funny team tasks along the way, naturally with a generous dose of laughter and fun mixed in.

Worried about your team not getting a local flavor while out and about? Well, don’t be! The Incredible Race Challenge caters to making the experience a memorable one and that includes mixing with locals, discovering locations, food, and interesting facts about the city that are both on and off the beaten path!

Sold on the sightseeing aspect but still doubting that team building will happen during this? Understandably you might be wondering if you’ll really be fulfilling that objective of yours for team bonding or collaboration or even building trust within your team. No doubt that they’ll have fun, but beyond that without a doubt your team will walk away a better, stronger team by the end of the race.

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But don’t take my word for it. Listen to your team. Does anyone request to sit inside the conference room all day instead of going to explore the beach, or the mountains, or even the big city right outside? No! So contact us today and ask about The Incredible Race Challenge. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your new outlook on an age-old tradition of exploring a new place.

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