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How To Improve Your Induction Programme?

Corporate Induction Program

Corporate Induction Program

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn!” The words of Benjamin Franklin surely define the thought and work process of today’s generation. Have you got new forces aboard? Then you must have prepared your corporate induction programs to provide them with a smooth and enriching onboarding process.

However prepared, you might want to review before conducting an employee induction with those age-old PowerPoints and mentoring lectures. Think about those typical induction programs – a dark room with no lights, a screen with some words on it, and a figure spouting words of motivation and enthusiasm. It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? So, how do you deliver an induction training that is exciting yet effective?

Well, you could start by creating a more interactive induction program for new employees. “Well begun is half done!” You certainly don’t want your newbies to go through what you have already experienced; consider revising the thought process around building your induction training programs. Gone are the days when presentations were considered extremely educational and motivating. People today have an attention span of as short as just eight seconds, one study states. With such statistics, you would not only want to restructure your induction program, but give it a complete makeover.

Start by creating innovative induction programs that are activity-based and engage employees by interacting with them rather than merely talking to them. Your induction process should leave new hires feeling empowered and set to begin their journey with enthusiasm.

At FocusU we strive to create unmatched induction experiences for you and your new hires. Our Genesis Induction Methodology focuses on bespoke workshops customised in line with your organisation priorities. It aims to let your new hires know about the core values and principles of your company in a playful yet insightful manner. It will also help them gel with existing employees and break the ice. Move from a ME to WE attitude and watch your organisation grow and succeed.

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For this, you can gamify your induction process by creating a fun learning experience for the new hires. Equip them with tablets and specialised software for advanced and tech-driven learning and enjoy a uniquely crafted treasure hunt. Working in small groups drives team bonding and teamwork while also familiarising them with company policies, co-workers, work premises and organisation culture.

A complete corporate induction program is not just limited to an introduction to the company, business, clients, and policies. It also includes familiarising the recruits with the work culture, organisation values, and principles while connecting them with the existing employees to ensure a smooth onboarding. For this, activities and interactive sessions are a vital part of your induction process.

Explore some mind-boggling and ice-breaking activities and let your employees excel from the very start!

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