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You had me at Hello – Dorothy in Jerry Mc.Guire

The importance of a good start has been stressed for ages by the wise: "Well begun is half done" said Aristotle - and yet, come the time for new employee induction and most organizations get caught in the rigmarole of running the same routine new employee induction programs, with endless power point presentations from multiple business units.

With the help of our expert facilitators, we can help you create a customized learning journey for your new joiners. Using our microlearning platform, we can help you be with them for the journey till they become an integral part of your organizational family. Through gentle nudges and real time dashboards, ensure that no – one is slipping through and everyone is right on track.

Here are some of the components that can be included in the New Joiners’ learning journey. Many of our clients have found these useful – you may too!

Values in Action -

Core values are an integral part of the organizational culture. But how boring is it if you just keep talking about them. It often transports new joinees back to school or worse still Moral Science class in school. (P.S: Nothing wrong with Moral Science – except the way it is taught) What if each new employee could actually be put in situations where they get an opportunity to live out the values – through creating storylines and acting out roles in movies they shoot?

From ME to WE -

Our entire education system is currently very focussed towards recognising individual brilliance. In the work environment though, success often depends on being a team player. This mindset change from “ME to WE” is something that many fresh campus hires struggle to adapt to.

Mindsets though, don’t easily change by just someone saying so. One way to effect this change in paradigm is to put participants through Experiential scenarios where they come to the realisation themselves – that alone they can only achieve so much. But together, they can achieve a lot.

Through bespoke team based activities carefully designed per the cultural nuances of the organization, we craft this journey of discovery. How can a person new in his role exercise Influence without Authority is a good insight for someone stepping into a new organization.

Agile Mindset -

We live in a VUCA world. 15% of the searches that happen on Google every day are completely unique. What is knowledge and cutting edge today, becomes stale in no time. So, one good way to set the context for your new hires is to share the stunning reality that everything that they have learnt in school or college will soon become obsolete. Why hire them then? Because of their ability to unlearn, learn and flex their thinking. So how do they go about flexing their learning?

By engaging participants in Experiential activities and situations that nudge them towards unlocking their existing mindsets, by arming them with simple tools that they can use in their day-to-day lives back at the work place, the onboarding program can be made much more relevant and useful for the new joinees.

Induction Gaming -

One of the essential elements of an induction program is to ensure that participants get familiar with organizational policies, interact with key stakeholders and even get familiar with office premises. This is usually done through PowerPoint presentations or cascades which are not very engaging.

Induction Gaming is a powerful way to do the same thing in an experiential format. Armed with tablets and special software, participants work in groups to crack clues in a treasure hunt format, that help them gain an understanding about company policies, the campus and even people. Add some fun challenges that bring out core values of the organization, and you have a focussed and meaningful intervention that is fun for the participants too!

Microlearning -

Are your new joiners dispersed across geographies and you find it difficult to bring them together? Fret Not! Our microlearning platform can help you engage with your new joiners along their learning journey. And all this is done in the most experiential way! You can trust us on that!

Assign learning goals and target specific competencies to be developed across the journey. Use a live dashboard to track progress and nudge your learners gently to help them stay on track. Additionally, help your new joiners connect with each other and share their learnings and experiences with each other.

If some of these ideas resonate with you – do call us, we love it when you do!

  • "On behalf of GET Team PepsiCo, I would like to thank and congratulate the FocusU team, for organizing a perfect outbound for us at Jim Corbett. To put it in a few words, ‘saying we had a blast’ would be an understatement. The team exercises were a beautiful combination of fun and learning. Probably the best way for colleagues to know each other in a short span of time. Innovative games and energizers which never got dull and kept everyone interested and energized at all times. The time flew away too fast , look forward to more trips with the FocusU Team. Cheers."

    Himanshu Batra, GET

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