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The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on Leadership Development.
– John C. Maxwell

Virtual Leadership Development Programs


For them to be meaningful, virtual leadership development programs need to be personalized to the individual leadership and business challenges of organizations.

At FocusU, our human-centered and high-impact leadership development training programs are designed in a way so as to guide learners to not just know about a topic, but also to engage with and practice it. It is not for nothing that the word “practice” is often suffixed to the word “Leadership.”

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Can Leadership Development Programs be run virtually?

A snapshot of our Leadership Development offerings:

Digital-U: All Your Queries Answered

A Digital-U learning experience is a digitally delivered VILP (Virtual instructor led program) journey crafted, such that the learner has the most comprehensive learning experience.

The different components of a Digital-U experience include some or all of the below elements, as per customer requirement:

The sessions are delivered by FocusU Facilitators. All our Facilitators come with wide ranging knowledge and experience that matters.
FocusU on an average delivers close to 600 programs a year touching the lives of more than 40000 participants. That gives our Facilitators a huge bank of experience in delivering ILPs (Instructor led Programs).
Every single Digital-U offering is thoroughly vetted before launch. Each module has been run multiple times in physical classroom set-ups before being adapted for the virtual world. A few things that make a FocusU experience standout for our participants are:
• A Human Touch
• Holistic Approach
• Actionable Insights
Each Digital-U experience also focuses on active engagement akin to experiential learning.
A detailed explanation about virtual workshop is given here:
We make our virtual workshop experiential through:
• Weaving in engagement throughvirtual energizers, using break out rooms, whiteboards and chats
The learning still follows the broad experiential learning cycle mantra of Act – Share – Reflect – Apply.
You can see the whole list here in the list of offerings below or on the right hand side panel. However, this is not an exhaustive list. We also work with client to design customized learning journeys using specific competencies and business needs.
The average time on the different modules are:
• 15 minutes for pre assessment,
• 90 minutes for virtual workshops (some topics may have 3-4 such sessions)
• 45 minutes for Group Coaching
• 30 minutes for micro learning
• 15 minutes for post assessment
• Self-allotted time for reading
A typical one-day workshop gets divided into 2-3 ninety-minute chunks that can be spread across weeks according to the convenience of our clients
Like all other FocusU programs, each learning journey in the virtual space is curated thoughtfully. This usually involves working with the client L&D team during and post their TNA analysis, identifying the key learning needs, working on the assessment and design of the learning program, planning reinforcement strategies and measuring impact through post assessments.
Pricing varies as per the different modules that clients choose to go with within a Digital-U journey. Contact our client advisors for a detailed chat on the same.
As a trend, online learning has been making huge strides. This was one of the key reasons why we have been working on launching Digital-U.
Each program is designed for a specific audience. Our offerings in the Digital-U space cover the entire managerial spectrum from first time managers to CxOs. Some of the courses are also suitable for individual contributors.
The assessments are usually curated by our design team depending on the learning need. Once the assessment method is validated by the client, the administration is usually done through Survey Monkey at least a week before the virtual workshop so that the facilitators can use some of the insights in the delivery.
It is recommended to go in for the entire package since it has been designed after careful research for maximizing learning impact. However, we are flexible on this. Some of our clients prefer to do some of the segments on their own using company specific platforms. We support their decision in such cases as long as the overall learning does not get impacted.
Learning is not just about knowing new things. It is about assimilating it, pondering over it, questioning it, challenging it and finally coming to a new understanding of the topic and seeing it with new eyes. Group coaching helps learners see topics through multiple perspectives, accelerates motivation and enriches learners. In a typical 45 minutes session, participants and facilitators login on the virtual platform. The participants share their experiences on using some of the skills learned from the previous segments of the journey. As facilitators, we believe the wisdom lies with the group. The facilitator guides the group through thoughtful questions and possible solutions to challenges they face. They also encourage sharing of best practices.
No. This is done in a group sharing format.
Each learning journey is different. So, it is usually crafted basis the client’s specific learning need. A typical learning journey can take 3-4 weeks at minimum from the pre assessment to the post assessment phase.
The ideal team size should be around 20 participants, like it is for most learning interventions. The maximum we recommend is 25. The min group size for the webinars is recommended at 6 since below that we would have a compromise on the richness of group learning and sharing of best practices.
The more the questions, the more the clarity you finally have. Isn’t it? Please pick up your phone and feel free to call us at +91-8882337788 or write to us at We will get back to you pronto!

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