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The Velocipede Challenge

Touching hearts the fun way

One of the fondest childhood memories for many of us is probably the day we received our very first bicycle, wrapped with a big bow around the handlebars. Many of us still recall very fondly the many hours spent outside, cycling around with friends.

But for many impoverished families throughout India, it can be tough to afford the cost of food and rent, let alone luxuries like toys and bikes. Although bicycling can help children build coordination and self-esteem, and provide a wonderful source of exercise, many kids are forced to go without this cherished childhood pastime.

In this terrific team building event, teams armed with wrenches and enthusiasm race to construct the ultimate children’s dream: bicycles. Meanwhile, other teammates are navigating fun, innovative puzzles and challenges to earn enough ‘money’ for purchasing that last crucial part needed to make their teams bike the first off the line.

The final bell rings. You wheel your mechanical marvels to the presentation/start line. Everyone is poised to present their bike when a door at the end of the room bursts open. Suddenly, you see the excited faces of underserved children from the local community! Imagine the delight and surprise that fill the room when everybody learns these kids actually get to take your new bicycles home with them. For most of the children involved, typically ages 7-10, this will be their first bicycle!

This is an extraordinary way to infuse the conference with energy, create a feeling of immense good will and a sense of meaning larger than day-to-day work challenges. We can partner with a NGO of your choice – or we can suggest a few good ones ourselves to get the children secretly to the venue.

Is the Velocipede Challenge right for my team?

This is a great activity to foster teamwork and cooperation. At the same time, this is one activity that can keep every single person in a large group fully engaged. The activity could also be debriefed (if needed) around the difference that better communications in a team makes.

Most importantly though – This fun-filled team challenge results in real bicycles for real kids in need! What a way to give back to the community – and what a way to send a message to the entire team!

The Velocipede Challenge can be conducted indoors or outdoors. However, depending on your group size though, this is one challenge that needs a sufficient amount of open spaces.

Try the Velocipede Challenge today!…. and touch the hearts of your people as never before.

“We had an excellent training program conducted by the team @ FocusU. I found the team full of energy and enthusiasm. The sessions were led with tremendous gusto ensuring participation of each member in the amazing activities surrounding the program. The messages were driven home through a very intuitive process of games in practice followed by theory sessions throughout the two days. The process of taking immediate feedback and discussion with members resulted in participative and experiential learning. The MasterChef session at the end was like the proverbial “icing on the cake” with team-spirit and team bonding displayed in action. Overall, the entire supply chain finance team had a wonderful and memorable time with some excellent learnings for each and every everyone. The results post the programme were amazing considering that each and every member of the SCF team started implementing a common goal via collaboration , customer centricity, taking the portfolio at a high level through cross selling various products.”
Sandeep Kakar
Aditya Birla Capital

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