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Mobile Learning Activities

Mobile Learning Activities (MLAs) are mobile activities that can be setup anytime anywhere for your team. Don’t have time for an offsite, but want to do some engaging activities in your conference room or within your campus?… MLAs are the answer for you!

Towers of Hanoi

When the whole team shares the same vision, reaching the goal is just a matter of time. The Towers of Hanoi bring home this point to the team.
Learning points
1. This activity requires participants to THINK & WORK as a team.
2. Encourages teams to think about how they communicate under pressure.

Turning Point

Teams will find accomplishment after they discover the “Turning Point”.

Learning points
1. This activity requires participants to THINK & WORK as a team.
2. Encourages systems thinking, where participants will come to realise that it is beneficial to see work processes as a whole instead of seeing them as parts.

Key Punch

“The only constant is change”. Key Punch put teams in an environment of change, where the member’s reaction and response will determine the team’s performance.

Learning points
1. Participants will be able to see how they react to changes.
2. Learn the importance of being flexible and the need for being able to respond quickly to change (being aware and agile)

Mine Field

To retrieve a specifically-designed lego chip in a minefield whilst being blindfolded.

Learning points
1. Participants learn the importance of planning so as to attain their goals, especially in an untested and unfamiliar environment – simulated by being blindfolded.
2. Decision making.
3. Ability to think out-of-the-box when faced with limited resources and handicaps.

Blindfold Square

“No one plans to fail but many fail to plan”. Success in Blindfold Square is dependent on the team’s ability to put a plan together – A plan with a clear goal and well defined roles.

Learning points
1. Participants learn the importance of planning to attain their goals in an untested and unfamiliar environment, simulated by their being blindfolded.
2. Thinking out-of-the-box is required to act with the limited resources and handicaps.

Helium Hula

The flexibility of our mindset determines how well we perform. Shift in paradigm is essential to a team performance in Helium Hula.
Learning points
1. Learning the importance of communication to induce coordinated movement – otherwise, the hula hoop will not be able to move.
2. To channel energy & effort productively to deal with the task and be open enough to try out different methods.

Mouse Trap

Its often our mental barriers and pre-conceptions that stop us from achieving our goals. Mousetrap challenges teams to overcome this mindset.

Learning points
1. Learn how emotional barriers (Eg. fear, cannot-do-it attitude) and negative perceptions may interfere with individual (work) performance, hence affecting overall team effectiveness.
2. Help identify some critical success factors which will result in effective communication, leading to growth in an organization (Eg. patience, forgiving, trust, commitment, positive attitude etc.)

The Bipod Biped Challenge

A team that communicates well – and is aligned towards one plan of action, almost always outguns the competition. The Bipod Biped Challenge brings this beautifully to life.

Learning points
1. Learning the importance of everyone in a team being aligned to one course of action
2. The role of intra-team communication
3. Leadership is not given – it is assumed


When teamwork and communication skills are fundamental to success, there can be absolutely no margin for communication error, misunderstanding or ambiguity. Colorblind® brings this lesson to life.

Learning Points:
1. Group communication: How do we ensure everybody in a team is heard and valued?
2.What are the means of creating shared understanding at work?
3.How do we go about problem solving and execution?

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