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Diamonds of Amazonia

Deep in the jungles of the Amazon rain forest lies a treasure like no other! A secret mine that has surfaced a rich vein of diamonds. For those in pursuit, it is better known as "The Diamonds of Amazonia"! But to get there is not for the faint hearted. At every inch of the forest lurks danger and uncertainty. To make matters worse, the weather is also highly unpredictable.

FocusU in association with Nuturns brings this gamified web-based learning simulation that can be used to get teams to engage with a wide spectrum of topics like Collaboration, Project Management, Team Dynamics, Productivity, Goal setting and Visioning exercises.

By enabling participants to experience and work through such challenges which are metaphorically very similar to what they face in the real world, the simulation coupled with its debrief session by the facilitators helps participants in deriving great insight and learning.

This fast-paced simulation engages teams in a journey to chart their path to the mine, achieve their goal of mining the diamonds and reach back safely in 22 days. It's a fun way for your employees to learn about issues of communication, resource management and team dynamics common to the workplace.

In the debriefing, several nuances of team behaviours emerge effortlessly. A few being:
1) Clarity on ‘what are my diamonds’ (my strategic focus areas)
2) Getting out of the comfort zone to embrace the mindset of maximizing targets/ business
3) Failing to plan is often planning to fail
4) Always keeping the bigger picture in mind, instead of getting trapped into a silo mentality
5) Overcoming “I know it all attitude”

Through the debrief, participants uncover the uncanny similarities between their journey at their workplace towards their goals and this journey set in the Amazonian rainforests.

A few key parameters:

Is the Diamond of Amazonia right for your team?
The simulation is specifically recommended for:
• Front End Executives
• First Time Managers
• First Time Leaders
• Middle Level Managers
• Project Teams
• Senior Leaders

The simulation helps organizations to:
• Engage their people on the upside of collaboration
• Deliver a fast-paced engagement activity
• Highlight the importance of strategy and planning
• Stress on data driven decision making
• Engage in an enriching conversation about visioning and goal setting

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