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Your Goal Is Your Motivation

This might not sound convincing, however, ignoring this doesn’t change the reality that ‘Nobody needs motivation’. Yes, Some people might feel bit lost on the way to their destiny and some need a bit more clarity on ‘how’ to reach there. Even those aren’t the people who want to see the motivation arrow hitting them as a target.

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A famous saying goes, “We only see/do the things, we want to”. Even in our day-to-day life we see and do things, which come to us immediate and quite visibly. These are the things that keep our hours, days, weeks and month busy. In our corporate life most of us create – ‘to do’ list. We all maintain our to do lists, well most of us do. Day by day, Week by week and month by month we make these guidelines that light up our path. This path further shows us a clear difference between 1) The tasks, which are momentarily, and 2) The tasks, which shape our long-term goals. In our day-to-day life, we call them – ’Urgent’ and ‘Important’ tasks. The ‘important’ tasks are the ones that take us towards achieving our dreams. That’s why even after finishing lot of ‘urgent’ tasks, at times we feel low – as if we have not achieved anything on that particular day. The day, which was well spent in only firefighting without getting an inch closer to our dreams…

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Everyday we create these lists, the guiding lamps, and fuel them with the most precious fuel we have – our Energy.

Everyday when sun goes up – we get up with a fresh to do list and a new pool of energy to complete the list. From the moment we get up till the day ends – we run so hard to get over our ‘to do list’. We have been doing this for days, months and years. However, have you ever thought, what would it look like, if you put all these ‘To Do’ lists together?

How would this final bunch look like? The bunch, you have been putting your time and energy for. Does it take you towards your one common goal? Does it show a clear picture of your dreams or is it touching many paths and going haywire?

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Here is the point, this bunch of your ‘TO Dos’ should be moving you towards your desired destination, called your Goal. The problem starts when this list takes you somewhere else, which isn’t worthy of your time & energy. That is why even after spending these valuable resources; at times we feel that we haven’t achieved much. The only reason is – all these years we were not taking the road that goes towards our goals. And, we try to find our ‘new’ dreams, on the same path, which we are walking on.

Let me share a story of Sana with you. Sana, was working as a marketing professional in a multi national firm. After gathering enough experience, he thought about opening up his own company. I remember him confessing that he always wanted to start his own company. This was the dream that he saw once and kept growing it ever since. However, he was in need of resources. Finance, to start with. I remember his excitement on the day when he was going to bank to get a loan to start his dream project. And later that day, he got a shock of his life, when bank rejected his loan application. After that visit, he went to many other banks but got the same answer – ‘NO’. He was completely shattered with rejection from many banks.

Now, Sana works in the same MNC he used to work before. Yes, he gave up his dream. He is very happy with his job. Well, he claims to be. However, I still see the spark in his eyes whenever he hears story of any entrepreneur.

Isn’t that true for many of us? Sometimes we make the journey our destination. We get hassled when a few things don’t turn up the way we want them to. And, people like Sana – Give up. Many of us start choosing the colors, brushes, canvas, etc. without even thinking what are we going to paint. It is the case with our goals and to do lists.

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There is absolutely nothing to worry about if it is happening with you; rather this is a good situation that lets you know the ‘missing’ link. Bingo, that’s what we need, not any sort of motivation. We just need a very simple solution here –Think Backwards!

Take a piece of paper and write down what do you want to achieve in next 1 year from now. Let me warn you right here at this point – here we are not talking about the steps to reach our goal/s. We are talking about the Goal/s itself.

Think about a situation when you wanted to put the most precious picture of your loved ones on a wall. You get it framed in a nice photo frame, choose a perfect spot to put it up, get a nail, hammer and ladder. But the moment you start the process – you find that you don’t have the correct nail. You try it once, twice, thrice or may be more number of times but it just doesn’t go in. What do you do after this? Do you drop the idea of putting the precious memory in front of your eyes or do you find new ways & places to put it up?

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So, what happens in the case of our goals / dreams? When one tool or idea doesn’t work – we keep on trying different ideas until we make it work. Right? Remember the famous story of Colonel Sanders of KFC. He got close to 1000 rejections before the final YES. But he didn’t give up on the way to reaching that YES.

Think about it –Shouldn’t our daily ‘ToDo’ list be a pathway that aligns our today with tomorrow? So, next time when you make your ‘ToDo’ list remind yourself that it is just a journey to reach your destination.

Have you made your GOAL before your today’s ‘ToDo’ list?

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