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Why Should Organizations Invest in Team Building Activities?

Whether you are a start-up or a big multinational company it is necessary for HR managers to invest in team building activities. Very often we hear HR managers asking a question that why is it important to invest in team building activities. They often have a doubt that it won’t give them the kind of benefit which they are looking for. But assuming that a team building activity is a sheer waste of time and money is not at all correct. Instead, such activities when organized properly can have numerous benefits both to employees and the organization. Remember, people are the most important asset of any organization and it is never wrong to invest in this important asset.

We have listed below some of the core benefits of team building activities.

Upliftment of Employee Morale 

Team building activities can give your employees a sense of importance and make them feel that they are not just the ‘cog in the wheels’ but an important asset to the organization. Their loyalty, sense of belonging and commitment to the organization increases when they participate in any team building activity.

Our Team Olympics Challenge is one such team building that gives the same feeling of importance to the participants as they perform various challenges, marching in their uniforms and waving their flags and slogans.

Increased Employee productivity

According to a survey, if there is an increase in employee training by 10%, it will lead to increase in their productivity by 8.6%. It shouldn’t be wrong to say that if there is an enhancement in the skills of employees, there productivity will certainly increase. By participating in team building challenges, employees are exposed to lot of real-life situations which they need to solve using their creativity and reason.

Our Beach Olympics Challenge comprises of a series of fun-filled tasks that challenges the participants towards displaying characteristics such as coordination, teamwork, communication, planning and creativity.

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Better collaboration Among Employees

When people work together some conflicts are bound to happen. These differences create a negative atmosphere which at times result in decreased productivity. Team building activities are done in an informal environment and requires complete participation of team members to accomplish the tasks. The situations created by these events force employees to have better communication with each other which can help resolve their conflicts and improve team bonding.

Most of the activities that we plan as a part of our Survival Challenge teach participants balance, coordination, concentration along with rendering a great sense of confidence, and positive view of self. But the most important lesson that The Survival Challenge teaches is that – when the heat is on, the group that coalesces as a team is able to perform tasks with speed and efficiency.

Helps in Unleashing the True Potential

Team building activities help employees in unleashing their true potential. A human being is creative by nature and there are some hidden talents in each of us. When employees participate in these kinds of real-life situations, management is able to see their creative side. Some people are good problem solvers, some are adventurous, some have the ability to take greater risks. Hence, these activities help the management to see the hidden talents of the employees which can be utilized for the growth of the organization.

If you want to have a happy team with minimal conflicts, organize a team building activity for them. You will be surprised to see that investment in such activities can give you a greater return than expected.

If you are looking to organize a team building activity at your workplace, you can get in touch with us at hello@focusu.com.

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