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Why Challenges Are Important For Personal Growth?

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These days every individual wants growth and success in life. But the question is, are we giving 100% to achieve our goals? Every day we have tasks to achieve, and when we achieve our objectives we feel very positive and relaxed, and that feeling is so satisfying.

But what is the difference between that day and all of the others? Well, first, planning, and second, the execution. We often complain that we don’t have enough time to complete our tasks. But, is the issue with time, or with our planning?

Planning: It is very important to set our goals in life. Otherwise we will do things that don’t result in a meaningful outcome. Goals can be long term or short term, but they should be realistic. Suppose I set a goal to become a manager within one month, but I am only three months old in the company. Is this realistic? Of course not! This can be a great long term goal, but I need to set other short term goals to help me achieve my dream. While planning our goals, it is important to keep them achievable within a realistic timeline.

Execution: The plan is made. Now is the time for execution. Despite our best intentions, sometimes we procrastinate and we shift our work to the next day. Everyone has 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year, but still a few people manage to do a lot in a year and others don’t accomplish as much. So, why does this happen? It is all about executing our plans. Suppose I have a project to eat an entire elephant in a week. If I divide the elephant in parts and eat a little bit every day, then I will be able to finish the elephant by the end of the week. But what if I start eating the elephant on the last day? It will be impossible to finish in one day!  So no matter how big the task is, it’s all about the consistency of execution.

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So what next?

After executing our plan and achieving our goals, it is time to look ahead and find a way to continue to grow. At our workplaces,  we all have our assigned work that we do daily. But do we push our limits and go beyond that mandatory work for our personal growth? If we do something for ourselves that motivates us to go the extra mile and set bigger and more challenging milestones, that is when our passion aligns and we experience true growth.

Ask yourself each and every day: What’s next? Never stop challenging yourself.

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