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What Will People Think?

Have you ever given a thought about being carefree?

Humans always have been conditioned to fear ‘the society’. We are taught to behave in a disciplined manner from childhood, itself. We are not even allowed to consider what makes us happy in that course, because ‘the society’ lies above of all. Our progress of thoughts is always aborted with a simple terrifying question

“Log kya kahenge?” (What will people say?)

The moment you do something different, people around will start judging you for your actions. You might get tagged as weird and abnormal. They won’t bother to appreciate you even if they like it, because they too are the victims of the same mindset. In fact, even I have been in a lot of situations wherein I have misjudged people for their eerie actions. But then something happened. – a small incident that changed my perspective largely.

One night – I was sitting with my friend in the garden area of my society, chilling on the benches. The weather was pleasant and everything seemed as if arranged perfectly to have a deep and meaningful conversation. While we were talking, we saw a guy walking around the building very fast but something seemed to be wrong about it. He was moving his hands up and down, sometimes left and then sometimes right. We were left wondering about his actions. Things became even more interesting when he started murmuring to himself. Our curiosity kept increasing. We came up with a host of theories in our heads – from him exercising to him having earphones and listening to music – even though his movements did not seem to resemble any dance moves. But we failed to figure out what was he doing exactly. Later, we went home.

The next morning while I was getting ready for office, I kept thinking about the same guy. What really stood out for me was thought that he did not bother about the people around. He did not care what those two guys sitting far on the bench would think of him because of his actions. He was free. He was happy and probably at peace with whatever he was doing. There was no fear in him.

As it turns out, I ended up seeing him behave in a similar fashion a lot of times. The only thing that had changed was how positive I felt. It did come down to my perception of the guy.

‘Fear of the society’ is something that the crowd is largely affected by. We cannot get rid of the fear unless we face it. The more we try to escape, the more it will keep haunting us. I may not have completely achieved the ‘Being Carefree’ attitude but I am definitely on the verge of it and it makes me feel great.

After all,

Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna.”


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