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Unilever Bangladesh | Influence Workshops


Unilever Bangladesh | Influence Workshops


A series of three workshops at Dhaka, Chittagong & Dhaka targeted at the entry level cadre of Unilever Bangladesh. The workshops were designed for executives who handled around 7 field level DSO’s. The intervention was intended as an opportunity for energizing this group and arriving at a common understanding around what would make them exercise Influence better & scale up to be Leaders.


Leadership in the context of these employees was about exercising Influence on the teams they worked with and with external stakeholders. The whole workshop was hence constructed as a 2-day intervention woven around the Cohen Bradford Influencing Model.

Through the use of experiential activities – melded with open discussion amongst the participants, the workshop brought out the key learning as mentioned above, in a facilitative manner.

The methodology of addressing a serious topic with deep insights in a playful manner worked extremely well in the context of these employees.


Here is what Taslima Hasnat Jaigirder, the HR Business Partner of the team had to say about the whole intervention:

“I have never received such overwhelmingly positive feedback from each and every participant before for any other program! Even the typical critics came proactively to thank me for organizing such training. But the real credit goes to FocusU of course. Unlike typical training filled with slides, theories and handouts, FocusU brings in a different way of learning while enjoying participation. Their use of simple activities to relate with key learning points makes learning more effective. No wonder participants found it instantly convenient to identify key learning points and action plan at the end of the session. Moreover, the level of energy, positivity and enthusiasm the trainers exerted within the participants was brilliant. I believe FocusU India has more such learning interventions to offer which Unilever Bangladesh Ltd will be keen to explore. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with one of the most dynamic training solution providers. All the best to FocusU for their future endeavour.”

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