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Translate Your Vision Into Reality



Do you spend time managing your human resources or leading them? Perhaps they are similar …but yet different. Leading your human resources is far better than managing them. But why, you ask? It is simply because when you lead your team, you must have a vision in place. A vision gives you the right direction in which to march your troops.


A vision is as simple as a dream that will benefit those working with you, and hopefully the larger community in the long run. If we sum it up in one line, it is a possibility that can turn into a reality. To show the way, you need to know where you are going first, and this is precisely why, as a leader, you need to clearly define your vision.
When you sit down to carve out your vision, try answering these questions.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What transitional change do you want to see around you?
  • What legacy do you want to leave for others to seek inspiration from?


The answers to these questions is will lead you to your vision.


“There is nothing more demoralising than a leader who cannot articulate why we are doing what we are doing.” –James Kouzes and Barry Posner


Align your organisation with a cause and a why, and that will become a major motivational force that drives your employees. When the bigger perspective resonates with your employees, an environment is created that can translate your vision into reality.


Have you ever wondered how the vision of one person becomes a dream for many? This vision might even become an intense emotion that goes beyond the peripheries of mission and vision statements of the company. Some are so phenomenal that they become an energy that permeates through the workplace across corridors and departments, binding the entire organisation. If you observe and explore the lives of great leaders, you will notice that they have good habits, and when these habits are put into practice, it polishes their leadership skills. Below are a few such habits that will help you in your leadership journey.

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  1. Having clarity of thought: Never paint a blurry picture before your employees. Spend ample time defining your vision before you share it with your team. Crafting a clear vision is an art that can be mastered and these visioning workshops can help you on your way there!
  2. Believing in your vision: You have to put your own faith in a mission, vision, or cause first before your team also believes in it. Having a strong belief in something drives your organisation towards it. Our values shape us to develop unshakable beliefs as a leader. But without the right values for yourself and your company, you’ll have an ideal without the foundation. A values exploration session will help you sift through your thoughts and solidify what is an essential part of your company (and self) – the values.
  3. Pursuing the vision with passion: Visualising and having belief in your thought process will be useless if you don’t act. Results matter and this is where the power of hard work and smart work is important. When you pursue your goals, you need to have an effective plan in place. This is where sharpening the skill of real-time strategy becomes useful.


A visionary leader transforms an idealistic goal and vision into a passion-based effort, because he or she knows that strong emotions and dedication drive change. Every great organisation was built on the foundation of a great vision.


We want to help you turn your vision into reality. Contact us today and let’s start down the journey together!


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