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Movie Learning : Gully Boy


Gully Boy is rocking the charts. The movie which explores the rise of a rap star from the slums of Mumbai, resonates with aspiring hearts. It reinforces the fact that passion, discipline and sound mentorship are the cornerstones of success.

In the midst of the rhythm, Safina keeps surfacing, begging the subconscious mind to pay attention. Her aura of freedom, cloaked in her conservative attire and unwavering smile of conviction, make everyone in the audience root for her. Safina requests her family for freedom and when denied, she takes it anyways. She loves fiercely, enabling her partner to grow personally and professionally. She wants to become a surgeon and takes every step to make the dream a reality. And she does this without hurting anyone (mostly). 😊

But how does Safina do this? Definitely not because she is a pro at managing both worlds. It’s because she operates from a space of clarity, a space free from artificial constraints.

As women, we are predisposed to placing too many constraints on ourselves. The constraints of our role in the family, the jobs we can (or not) do, the amount of money we should (or not) earn, the right career path (or not) to follow, whose advise we should (or not) heed, the feminine behaviors we should (or not) demonstrate. However, our constraints decide our choices, our choices determine our decisions and the decisions determine our success and happiness. Hence the constraints we subject ourselves to, hold paramount importance.

The Theory of Constraints is a management paradigm whose premise is that, an organization’s success depends on managing one critical constraint. This applies to our lives also. Focusing on strengthening fewer constraints in our lives, helps us to achieve greater clarity on our goals. With greater clarity we make better choices and more informed decisions – leading to a higher chance of happiness and success. Or as Safina would say, we would be better prepared to “dhoptungi”.

I wonder, is it mere co-incidence that ‘Safina’ was to be the better half of ‘Muraad’?

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