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How to Make Induction Programs Impactful


4th September is a special day for me and I still remember that day because it was the first day at my first job. The day was special for me because around 200 people joined together in a plush glass building with contemporary architecture, which was also the campus of one of India’s top IT companies, Infosys. It was like a dream come true for me because the induction program wasn’t just a ‘program’ but an experience for all the new joiners. From documentation to soft skills programs to fun sessions, everything was planned to a tee. Now when I look back, I see that an induction program is one the most crucial parts of an employee’s journey in the organization. Here are few ideas you could to explore while designing your next induction:

  1. Start before the Induction:
    Organizations host get-togethers for their prospective employees with the aim of engaging them before the joining process. This helps connect the new joiners with their future peers and develop positive relationships over a cup of coffee. One of the leading consulting companies hosts lunches for prospective employees (the ones that have already received an offer) as a way to engage them with the organization culture.
  2. buddy-programsBuddy Programs:
    A Buddy program is a powerful way to help a new joiner have a comfortable transition into the organization’s culture. A buddy can be someone in the organization who has been in the system and already lives the values. Organizations must be careful while assigning the buddy because he would be the brand ambassador for the organization. He has the power to build up or tear down the trust between the organization and the new joiner. His responsibilities may encompass anything from helping the new joiner with documentation to getting him accustomed to the infrastructure and office routine. Check out this link for more information on designing a buddy program.
  3. Invite Cheerleaders:
    Why not invite people from different teams across the organization to stage an experience for the new joiners. In every organization, there would be people who would love to be a part of such initiatives. Let them be an extended hand of the Human Resources team to make a fun-filled first day for the new joiners and call them “cheerleaders.” Throw a challenge at this team to deliver an entertaining flash mob or a meaningful skit at the first day event for the new joiners.
  4. Celebrate a Community Day:
    Let the new joiners’ first day be a meaningful day. Visit a local NGO and experience the lives of people who have the bare necessities to survive and are still living with hope every day. A good idea can be combining your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) day with the induction plan. There are many NGOs doing good work across the country such as Smile Foundation, Sri Sathya Sai, India Vision Foundation and many others; simply Google to find out about a local NGO in your area! Blending CSR and Induction can have a huge impact on the first day for a new joiner.
  5. Conduct an Engagement Workshop:
    engagement-workshopInductions are incomplete without ice-breaking The people who join together might have to work together and hence they need to get to know each other well. A quote I read in a business magazine says that, “People who play together stay together.” Nothing can be as exciting as having team engagement activities during the induction plan. We conduct several team building and leadership activities with an aim to make induction programs a fun learning experience. Explore our offerings to know more.

Download the Definitive Guide to Induction Programs

Are you planning an induction for your new joiners? Give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you design an impactful program for your new hires.

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