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Leadership Lessons from Milind Soman

The Made in India guy, Milind Soman, is making all the right kinds of news these days. The 51-year-old just completed one of the toughest marathons in the world – The Ultraman Marathon. We have reason to celebrate because he has set a new fitness benchmark for people across all ages. I remember him as someone who was the first to set new trends in every industry he went into. This made me write about his life stories, which I summarize with a concept I call limitless leadership. Here are a few observations to help us discover the leader within and go beyond personal boundaries.

Milind Soman – The Ultraman Marathon

Source: http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Feb/milind-soman-dominates-ultraman-crushing-517-kilometers-in-3-days-980×457-1487656958_980x457.jpg

  1. Leaders live their strengths
    strengthsfinder book by tom rath
    We thank Alisha Chinoy for giving us the tall-dark-handsome Indian man to the country. In his first television presence with the Made in India song, Milind Soman proved that the color of your skin doesn’t define your looks, but rather your attitude and pizzazz. He set a new trend in the Bollywood industry. At a time when everyone was looking for fair skin, he proved that being tall and dark can make you handsome too. The point I am trying to put forward is that leaders enjoy being in their own skin. They don’t want to become like someone else, but they work on their strengths and craft themselves into the powerful individuals they are made to be. In the book Strengths Finder, the author gives several examples and anecdotes that make a strong point about becoming the best version of you. The author emphasizes that one must not be so obsessed about working on their weaknesses that one loses sight of their strengths. Simply learn to manage your weaknesses and build your strengths.
  1. Leaders set a positive example

    Iron Man to Ultra ManSource: http://img1.hkrtcdn.com/ff/734-middle.jpgAre you still waiting for the day when you will start your new diet plan or fitness regime? Wait no more, simply take cues from Milind’s life. He transformed his life from being a chain smoker to a fitness professional. He has journeyed from Iron Man to Ultra Man, setting high levels of fitness for himself. You can find him promoting health and wellness through his YouTube and Facebook videos. When you lead by example people begin to follow you; there is no need to invite anyone to follow your cause, people simply watch what you do and become your fan. Leaders need to undo their lives and set positive examples for others. That’s what is called leading by example. The very thing that is your weakness can become your greatest strength. Kapil Sharma, the popular Indian comedian, doesn’t speak English like a pro, but he has made this one of the unique selling points of his program. People are ready to watch him speak funny English.
  2. Leaders don’t stop

    karl otto lagerfeld quotes
    A time when people think about their retirement is the time when leaders begin to fire their best shots. It seems as if their motivation shoots up with their age. They become unstoppable with time. At 50, when others began to invest in a pension fund and find a home stay, Milind Soman completed the Ultra Man marathon bare-footed! Take another example of Karl Otto Lagerfeld – he is the head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel, and he is still going strong. Warren Buffet is another name that comes to mind; he still goes to work every day to make a difference. Our own Indian businessman, Ratan Tata, is leading Tata Sons to massive success in several businesses even at the age of 79. Age is just a number. It’s what lies inside that makes the difference.
  1. Leaders work for a cause
    Milind Soman co-founded Pinkathon with Ms. Reema Sanghavi, organised by the United Sisters Foundation. Pinkathon was created with the specific purpose of encouraging more and more women to adopt a fitter lifestyle for themselves and their families. It also highlights the need for increased awareness about other issues that put women’s lives at risk. Milind stands behind the brand and spreads awareness about several women’s issues. Here are the questions you must ask yourself: What do I stand for? What cause rings the bells for me? What is that one thing I would like the world to change? As a leader, keep asking these questions to yourself to find your purpose. If you are an employee, find out how your organization makes a difference in the lives of others. We at FocusU are a case study in this respect. Each member of the team works for a cause to make a difference in lives of others through their passion. I recommend you look through our team’s profile to see how they are connected to one mission and working together.
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So the question is, are you looking to start your leadership journey? If yes, then it’s time you revitalize your life. Below is a small message to help make your leadership journey successful. Watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more of such messages.

Milind Soman is more than just a role model. He has given hope and motivation to many others through his life story. His life is his message! What’s your life’s message?


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