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How To Read Between The Lines?

1. “Yes Boss” – a commonly used phrase by employees. Such employees don’t have an opinion of their own; they simply say “yes” to anything and everything, without giving it a thought. Any idea, suggestion, assignment, or project given by their boss is affirmed with a “Yes Boss.” Times have changed. Companies now hire people for their intellect – it’s a knowledge economy. So, if an employee stops using his intelligence and accepts whatever comes his way, it’s an injustice to the company. “Yes Boss” behaviour alone can spoil the culture of a company in the shortest span of time. It’s time to say “no” or “I have another opinion” to your boss. I firmly believe that good bosses too want their team to challenge them, so as to make better decisions.


2. “It’s Impossible” – Many a times, without even trying we say “It’s Impossible.”

When I was a kid it seemed impossible for me to walk. When I started to walk, it seemed impossible for me to run. Things look impossible when we don’t give them a shot. So before we say it’s impossible, just say, “I will try” and give it a shot. Just by trying to write, I wrote 5 personal development books. Just by trying to lose weight, I lost 27 kgs. Just by trying to find my passion, I finally found it. Just try and give it a shot before saying it’s impossible.


3. “I am fine” is our conditioned response to “How are you doing?” It has become a knee-jerk response for us. Whether we are doing great or things are not going well, we just have the same response. Break out from the “I am fine” pattern and be your true self. If you are doing great, say that upfront and if things are not good, simply say, “Things are getting better.” Be optimistic, respond passionately, don’t just be so good with “fine.” What you verbalize becomes your reality. Be careful of what you say, it affects you.

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4. “Chalne de (Let it be)” – a phrase which essentially means to push things beyond their age/time. Many drag their relationships and career beyond the limit they can handle, and suffer all throughout. One has to understand that there are certain things that have a start time and an end point, and pushing things beyond their time can be painful for you and for others. It is time to move from “Chalne de (let it be)” to “Chhod de (let go).” Let go of things you are dragging on, let go of jobs that stifle you, and let go of the relationships that are sucking your vital energy.


5. “We will get back to you” is a phrase with a twisted meaning.

One meaning is to genuinely get back and the other is a subtle message that “We are done, don’t bother us.” Sales professionals and interview candidates know how it feels when they hear this phrase. We have to be honest in our communication with people. I am curious to ask if we can be truthful in sharing information during our communication, even if it’s not a win-win outcome. Let us be honest with people instead of blurting out this clichéd phrase everytime. Let us not twist the meaning of the phrase but simply be genuine when we say it.


6. “I don’t have time” is the most frequently used excuse to rationalize mediocrity. If we can make time for a shower, brushing our teeth, or checking our social networks, we can make time for anything. If something is a priority it will be taken care of,and if it’s not, we will always find reasons to rationalize.If something is important, you will make time for it. Having said that, you also need a powerful support system – your family, team, and friends make things easy for you, and that’s the most important thing.

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7. “Very Very Urgent” is a common phrase used in the corporate world. We have diluted the meaning of the word “urgent,” which actually means “something that requires immediate action.” But for many of us everything is urgent; we have lost the meaning of the word. For us everything requires immediate action and we live a life of urgency. This is a sure sign of lack of prioritization. Let only one thing be urgent, if it is!
It is time to live, love and enjoy. Happy reading!

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