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How To Enhance Employee Motivation?

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The employers today put a considerable amount of efforts and resources to hire the most talented employees but very little is actually done to keep the workforce in the most productive of the state. A study conducted at the Vanderbilt University revealed that chemical dopamine which is present in human brain influences the willingness towards work. Maintaining a high level of motivation consistently in the workplace is quite challenging but not unachievable.

You can read the tips and advice from the experts below to keep yourself and your team motivated.

Improve Communication

This is quite an effective way to enhance the motivation of employees within the organizational setting. The manager should take out some time to talk to the team or join it during the coffee break. This will enable the employees to feel that they are also an essential part of the team. The manager should also make it a point to listen to the team members and encourage them to contribute ideas and come up with suggestions.


Collaboration is actually a buzz word. Since people are working together as a component of a team, they should be made to feel that they are actually a part of something bigger. You should create a collaborative work environment. Employees tend to work hard in a collaborative team as they care about the entire process and see themselves as a crucial part of it.

Compensate and Reward

The right compensation and reward schemes ensure that all hardworking team members are actually rewarded in a fair manner. The employees should be paid competitively as per the industry standards. Monetary rewards in the form of incentives, commissions, hikes, bonuses are seen as the most crucial motivators. In fact, rewarding an employee for exemplary work can also go a long way. These measures will eventually motivate the employees to sustain and improve their performance. The right compensation and reward system are not only crucial for retaining and motivating the current employees but also help attract a new workforce.


Small Measurable Goals

It is extremely demoralizing for employees to work on projects that are never-ending. The progress which is visible and measurable is a clear indication of how the work of an employee is contributing towards the predetermined goal. Setting out a clear cut and achievable goal is something which acts an amazing boost to the employee’s motivation, each and every time it is being conquered.

Employee Autonomy

We all value autonomy a lot. When, as a leader, you grant your team members autonomy, it demonstrates your trust in them. This can go a long way in helping you out to develop an emotional bond between you and your employees.

Positive Feedback

Positive and constructive feedback is extremely crucial for the continuous improvement of employees. The feedback should be timely and extremely specific. It should be presented in such a way that employees get a clear idea about what all behaviors need to be modified for the continuous improvement of their performance. When feedback is rendered in a proper way, it motivates the employees to move continuously on the path of success.


Whether an organization is big or small, possessing a team of skilled and motivated employees is extremely eminent for its success. Otherwise, you will end up having a non-productive, average team. It is extremely relevant to keep your team members highly enthused and motivated so that they give their best always.

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