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How To Craft The Best Induction Programs?


More than 20% of newly hired employees decide to stay with a company in the first week of the job itself. Various case studies are testimonials to the fact that induction training is directly related to employee attrition rate. That means a well-done induction will help you retain employees longer.

Employee training is an integral part of any organisation, and the first significant step of the training cycle is an induction program. Employees are the wheels of the organisation, and like a car without wheels, no organisation can run without its employees. They hold the key, and it is their performance that determines an organisation’s success.

A productive, efficient, feel good induction program should be the top priority for any organisation. The primary objective of an induction program is to welcome the new employees and introduce them to the work culture of the office. This is where the first impression of your organisation comes from. Their induction also allows them to understand the processes and policies of the company, the perks and benefits they are entitled to, and the work expertise and official duties.

When positivity is cultivated in an employee in the first week of employment, you prepare them for an extended and efficient run in your organisation. Moreover, this newfound optimism helps them settle down faster.

A good induction program makes employees comfortable and helps them feel positive about themselves and the organisation. Your company gains on several aspects when it provides a good welcome, some of which include:

  1. Smooth and Efficient Running: When you make your employees comfortable and train them correctly, you create an asset for the company. An employee who understands his or her role in the company and has a thorough knowledge of the work culture will perform better. In addition to higher engagement, they will put forth more effort in their daily tasks. When you create an entire company of employees like this, you create a smooth and efficient working culture in the organisation.
  2. Reduction in Attrition Rate: High attrition rates are one of the major problems for management to tackle. A good induction program that answers all the queries and doubts of an employee is a significant step towards the reduction in employee attrition rate.
  3. Time and Money: A company loses two key resources when an employee leaves: time and money. The investments (both financial and time) made for training new employees are lost. A good induction program helps ensure that the money spent on new talent isn’t lost.

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A good induction program inculcates a feeling of value and respect in new employees. It makes them feel respected for the work they will be doing. When an employee joins a new organisation, they are quite unsure about the surroundings and the place they are joining. A warm welcome and clarity on the role they have in the organisation will make them feel secure and confident.

The relationship between an employee and organisation thrives on communication, and an engaging induction program is a step in the right direction. Let us help you design that memorable first impression for your new joinees today. Get in touch with us or check out our unique induction programs today.

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