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Deeya Bajaj : The Girl Who Conquered Mt Everest

It was going to be morning soon, the sun had begun rising. It’s a very different kind of a warmth when you see sun at an elevation of 8848 m. The summit was almost visible too. The moment we reached there, we were at the highest mountain possible on Earth. Our faces were lit, not just by the sun light but also the ear to ear smiles that just refused to leave any of our faces. All it took was a childhood dream, years of practice and hikes, innumerable adventures and accidents, and the determination to not quit.

10 minutes later, we began the descent.

When people tell Deeya that she has conquered Mt. Everest, she just wants them to know that there is no such thing as ‘conquering nature.’ Instead, every feat is just a journey that makes one discover things about nature and yourself. It’s the kind of education that wouldn’t be possible at any learning institution. 

Deeya Bajaj became a part of the first father-daughter duo to climb Mount Everest, at a very early age. Her session is an enriching experience, in every way possible. A life-long mountaineer, she has accompanied her father on hikes for as long as she can remember. This spark is what, having nurtured well,  resulted into igniting the fire that led them to climb the unattainable Mt. Everest. A life-long commitment to adventure and learning how to do it right has not only enabled her to climb the highest peak on this planet but also continues to give her the courage to overcome all and any difficulties in achieving goals that she sets for herself. 

One example of her bravery and the true spirit of a go-getter is the following anecdote from her journey up the Everest, with her father –

While their ascent up the mighty Everest, a point came wherein her father started running out of breath and had to stop midway. However, the passage they were on was a narrow one. This meant that if they both waited, all the other mountaineers in their batch would have to wait, as well. This is when Deeya had to make an impossible choice – she could either wait to be with her father while help arrived or continue with the climb. She was torn between the two choices but finally with her father’s selfless motivation, she decided to continue the climb and reach the summit. And even though, she was worried sick for her father, she didn’t let her fear drive her focus away from the her ultimate goal – which was climbing to the top. She managed to conquer the unattainable Everest peak, but experienced true euphoria only when her father finally made it to the top, as well. It was one of the greatest moments of both of their lives and continues to inspire her, even today!

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We are honoured to have her as a part of our Masterclass series! Her indomitable spirit and a taste for the roads less travelled inspires one into striving for greatness while her experience and wisdom guides the listeners into formulating the right action steps to achieve set goals!

 In her “Higher Than Everest” session, Deeya delivers messages about leadership and teamwork, women’s empowerment as well as sustainability and environmental concerns. Having travelled some of the toughest terrains in the world with a single minded pursuit and discipline, she talks about how to think, take decisions, lead and be a team player in times of adversity. We encourage you to experience a potentially life altering session by this powerful woman, with us, today!

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