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Brand Build-Up Lessons From Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s grand image has created ripples in Indian politics. His marketing antics combined with his charismatic leadership style made him popular not only in India but also across the world. He has been touted as India’s Prime Minister with the highest popularity ranking among people. All this was made possible through his campaigns that created a difference; in this article I will decode his strategies, giving you insights on how he made it big in the 21st century.

  1. The “Chai pe Charcha” campaignChai pe Charcha with NaMoSource: Modi, before becoming the Prime Minister, connected with people across the country through this campaign. He used a blend of satellite, DTH, Internet and mobile to reach out to the people of the country with his message. Leadership is not about sitting in a glass cabin and giving orders, but it is about reaching out to people at all levels with your message. Prashant Kishor was the man behind the concept that helped Modi to leverage his background of a tea seller and hence form an emotional connection with people through such a campaign.
  2. The uber-famous slogan “Abki baar Modi Sarkaar”Abki baar Modi SarkaarSource: slogan that was made so popular that it permeated the grassroots of the country. People began to visualize Modi as their Prime Minister much before he was elected to the position. The best part was the humor that was added to his campaign on social media when we saw various memes circulated – “Mooh mein aayi dakar, isliye ab ki baar modi sarkar,” “safed hai cement Kala hai tar, abki bar, Modi Sarkar,” “Twinkle, twinkle little star, abki bar, Modi Sarkar.” This created a buzz about Modi on social media. Leaders must invest in their branding. There were several slogans discussed but this particular slogan was selected because it had Modi’s name in it. Lesson for leaders – invest in your personal branding.
  3. The power of language
    Bars in Delhi announced a free beer if Narendra Modi used the word “Mitron” in any of his speeches; “Mitron” was trending on Twitter for long time, which was later replaced by “Bhaiyon aur behno.” Modi’s speeches are far more than just a few words – he is a master storyteller. During the demonetization drive, he shared a story of an old lady whom he met and how she gave him blessings because the old lady’s son deposited money in her account to save himself from demonetization. Leaders must learn the art of storytelling from Modi, because it helps give a visual to the message. With stories, the message becomes a meaningful thought that makes a mark in the emotional memory of an individual.
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  4. Leading by example
    Map of state GujaratNarendra Modi modeled the way by making Gujarat one of the most prosperous states in the country. He was elected Chief Minister for more than ten years and set an example of good governance through making Gujarat vibrant. From corporate investments to tourism, Modi developed the state holistically. This was one of the reasons why the people of the country trusted him with the nation and made him Prime Minister of India. Leaders too need to model the way to live their message. Mere lip service will not make the cut – a leader must show his message too. People believed in Sir Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa because they lived their messages every day.
  5. A firm belief in “Make in India”Make in IndiaSource: campaign to make India a global manufacturing hub initiated by Modi shows the trusts he puts in the Indian industry. Even though India is lagging behind China and many other developed nations in terms of manufacturing, coming up with the “Make in India” campaign and showing belief in the manufacturing industry is a big step. Leaders must trust their resources and assign big goals for them. Just a belief can do wonders. Imagine the head of the organization showing trust in someone; that person would be more than willing to live up to that trust and go all the way to ensure he doesn’t break it.
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With such examples, I would definitely gear up to apply these lessons in my life. After all, who doesn’t want to reach out and become an influencer? Do share your comments in the below section, because we would love to hear from you.

Till then Mitroooooooon, happy influencing!

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