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7 Tips to De-stress Throughout the Workday

Does the pursuit of being more productive and achieving your targets get you glued to your laptop screen for hours? Do you experience stress from managing multiple projects that eventually takes on the form of body aches and physical exertion?

When I am not travelling for programs, I get so occupied with my work in the office that I don’t want to stop working until I complete everything on my to-do list. Recently, I experienced aches in my neck and back along with irritation in my eyes by the end of the day. It is frustrating when the feeling of satisfaction of completing your work is accompanied with physical pain in the body. This led me to start employing ways of de-stressing myself throughout the workday.

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Here are some ways to recharge yourself throughout your workday:

  1. Take a 7 minute walk:
    Walking is one of the best ways you can give yourself a break from sitting at one place for hours. Walking helps you boost your energy levels and feel revitalized. If your workplace is not large enough, you can walk in your office building premises or car parking area.
  2. Watch a viral video:
    Nothing relaxes a person more than having a good laugh. Watching funny clips is a good way to incorporate a dose of laughter in your day. Often during lunchtime, my colleagues and I watch short 1-minute videos and we have a ball of a time. Set aside some time in your schedule to watch a funny video. The release of endorphins in your body as a result of laughing will strengthen your immune system and improve your overall sense of well-being.
  3. Listen to your favorite songs for 5 minutes:
    Music has the power to change your state of mind, elevate your mood, and reduce stress. I have a list of my favorite songs in my laptop and phone that I listen to through the week. Make a playlist of your all time favorite songs and enjoy some of them each day.
  4. Take 10 long deep breaths:
    Many times a day I catch myself breathing shallow since I am completely immersed in my laptop. Our breathing pattern reflects our state of mind. So when you are stressed, your breathing is fast and shallow. This leads to less oxygen in your body. By taking long breaths, you will not only provide more oxygen to your body, but also break the monotonous state of mind you are in.
  5. Splash some water on your face:
    The very act of splashing water on your face will refresh you to a great extent. Don’t use a napkin or towel. Let your face air dry instead. The sensations of wetness on your face will take your attention off your busy thoughts and bring you back to the present moment. When we are centered in the present, annoying problems turn into situations that just need to be dealt with.
  6. Unwind with a 7-minute power nap:
    A dose of caffeine may make you more alert, but ultimately it decreases your memory performance. Shutting your eyes for just 7 minutes will help you concentrate better. When your brain is rested, you may see your current challenges in new perspectives and resolve them effortlessly. To ensure that you don’t sleep longer than you planned, always set an alarm.
  7. Change your place:
    A small change in your environment can have a huge impact on your work. Change your chair for a day. Swap desks with your colleagues. Sit in the conference room and work. Try working from home once in a while.
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When you apply these tips with fun and playfulness, it will greatly reduce your stress levels while allowing you to complete your tasks; if not, they may just become items to tick off your to-do list.

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