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6 Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged Virtually

Okay, so it is #socialdistancing time

A time when the whole world is working (virtually) from home. Does this mean we put off all employee engagement till the coronavirus decides to bid adieu?

Obviously not!

For one – nobody knows how long Covid-19 will decide to stick around; Another important thing is that as humans, we are all social creatures. Even when locked up inside our houses, we would rather get on to our balconies and sing together!

We need to engage with each other socially – virus or no virus. Else, it will eventually lead to falling morale, disengagement, and maybe even depression! Now more than ever, team engagement is needed. So what if we are not physically together? Thanks to technology – we can be engaged virtually! The virtual world is not so different from the real world as we know it and so we don’t need to engage every single day. But just as in the real world,  regular catch-ups per week will keep us going!

Being a fundamentally close organisation, here are a few practises we have started following ourselves, here at FocusU. With the use of platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts, we hope to lessen the social distance between each other.

Feel free to adapt the ones which you feel will work for your team!

“Chai Pe Charcha”

The glue holding Indian families together – Evening chai breaks and chit-chat! Done virtually, of course. It is like being in the office, sitting together and laughing away. What do you even mean by social distancing ?

Know Thy Family

Most families are at home at this time – maybe a good idea for us to know others in each other’s family? But this is a challenge by choice. This means no compulsion for anyone to do this.

Antakshari – Make them musically yours!

In the world of TiK-Tok videos and #dubsmashchallenges, the timeless charm of good ol’ Antakshri truly remains unbeatable! Divide everyone into teams, ask people to wear their ear phones & simply sing away! One thing to watch out for is the the timing. A 60 minutes session should be good enough.

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Pehchaaaan Kaun?

A simple but engaging game that will leave your team feeling more connected than ever! The trick is to make 3-4 statements about people – lesser known or unknown facts. The rest of the team members (you have to divide everyone into individual teams) have to guess. The winning team gets “bragging rights” and some fun gifts from Amazon.

Needs preparation though.

Heart to Heart

A disclosure exercise based on the Johari Window , run virtually. The questions need to be decided depending on number of people on the call. This activity requires proper facilitation.

Team Fitness League

What better time there could be to get started on focusing on health again? Start a fitness league for your team on WhatsApp, assign points for steps taken per day (or the activity of your choice) and see the competitive juices flowing!

A tip here: Google Fit is a great app that accommodates all kinds of physical activity that might differ for individual team members like swimming, playing basketball, cycling or even Yoga!

To Be Continued

That’s about it for now, folks.Do leave your thoughts on these ideas and watch this space for more fun ways to engage your team while we all practice safe #socialdistancing.

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