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5 Movies To Inspire You To Dream Big


We might not remember all of Newton’s Laws, but we do remember what happened in the movie Titanic scene by scene. Movies engage us fully and we feel as if we are a part of the story. It connects with us visually and sometimes we become immersed in the entire experience. That’s the power of movies!

Now imagine conveying a message to someone who doesn’t like reading books. What do we do! Learning by doing is one of the best ways to understand something, but we can’t taste cyanide to get to know its flavor. Movies are one of the ways you can explore in order to get a message across to a visual-learner. So here are the top 5 latest movies to watch out for:

  1. Poorna, 2017: I am simply impressed by her story of becoming the youngest girl in the world to summit Everest, surprisingly at the age of 13! A journey from a tribal village in India to the highest peak in the world is her story. It is a story that gives a powerful message about being resourceful and succeeding in spite of difficulties. Watch the trailer:

    Do you want to know her story? Check out my blog: 2 women. 2 Stories. 1 Everest
  2. Secret Superstar, 2017: How can we talk about movies without talking about Aamir Khan, Mr. Perfectionist as they call him! Secret Superstar is the story of a young girl who wants to become a singer. The story revolves around a girl from a middle class family who finds it difficult to reach out to the world with her voice. This is an inspirational movie to create a spark in your life when outside pressures stifle you. Watch the trailer:


  3. Leap, 2017: Everyone has a kid inside themselves who loves animated movies. If you want to connect with your inner child, it is time to watch this animated flick. The story centers on two characters, Victor and Felicie, who meet one another in their life journeys and decide to follow their hearts. Sometimes all your answers lie inside you; you just have to stop searching for them in the outer world. So, watch the movie and know what it takes to follow your dreams. Watch this and feel the goose bumps –


  4. Moana, 2016: I love animated movies and hence couldn’t stop myself from sharing with you yet another movie you must watch. When I saw this movie, I promised myself to find my ultimate mission and fulfill it with all my might. This movie is a reflection of how parents, society, and people around you can put you on a path not meant for you. Moana goes through the gravitational pull of people around her and discovers her purpose after going through the hurdles that everyone can relate to. By the way, you will enjoy the movie songs too. Watch the trailer –


  5. M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, 2016: The one sport Indians live, breathe, and eat is cricket. Cricket isn’t just a sport, but it’s a celebration for us. Cricketers make news nearly everyday; and what could be better than seeing the journey that gave them the authority to take tough decisions, similar to how Dhoni resigned to make way for young stars like Virat Kohli. M.S. Dhoni is one such movie that gives an insight on the life of Dhoni, his challenges, how he made decisions, and what made him special. Check out my blog on MS Dhoni – 5 Leadership Lessons from Dhoni to know more. Watch the trailer of the movie –

Do you love movies? Do you have a favorite movie that you want to share with us? Do write in and we would definitely watch it.

Till then – Lights, Camera, Action! Enjoy!

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