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3 Ways Microlearning Can Help Boost Personal Growth

Personal growth is about becoming a better version of ourselves; to improve on our shortcomings in a way that benefits our life. But in the process of improving our selves, we sometimes lose our way, get overwhelmed by the very information that is supposed to help us make positive changes. This is when using some ideas from micro- learning can help.

Make Your Learning ‘Micro’

‘Micro -learning’, as the word suggests is composed of smaller modules of learning (7 – 15minutes) that deliver a learning concept. Often when we get motivated to make a positive change in our lives, we get so excited that we put in a lot of efforts during a very short period of time. This can result in one getting burnt out or you losing interest in our goals. To avoid this from happening, we need to identify what needs to be learnt in order to achieve the said goal.  In other words,

what will be your learning goals?

Once you discover the answer to that question, you need to break down your learning goals into short modules which should ideally take around 15 minutes to learn.  Learning for 15 minutes every day requires a lot less effort than a few intense hours in a random fashion.

Be Specific With Your Daily Learnings

Unlike the many videos we see on Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and other such platforms where you end up watching a whole series of videos without actually retaining useful information,  Microlearning programs have a razor sharp focus. Every micro learning module is designed with a clearly defined learning objective that can be highlighted in a one-line statement. 

It is similarly important for you to be able to clearly articulate what you are learning for the day in a “one – line” statement as it will help you focus better and keep away distractions. 

Incentives Are Surprisingly Effective

 Micro learning programs encourage users by giving them rewards (points, positive feedback, leaderboard announcements etc) to keep them motivated throughout their learning journey. 

We live in a world of instant gratification and our brains are accustomed to expecting immediate results. By promising yourself some kind of incentives – ranging from a Netflix movie, ice cream, online shopping, or anything that works for you after a pre-set goal is achieved, you will be able to focus better and feel motivated towards working to achieve your daily goals.

Micro learning is a powerful form of learning because it is designed keeping the human brain in focus. The human brain absorbs and retains information best when it is delivered in short, controlled bursts. Thus, a “microlearning” style inspired approach to personal growth is bound to make a positive impact in your life.

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