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3 Steps to Unshackle Your Life

There is a secret force that helps us to achieve our goals – our thoughts. These thoughts direct an achiever to keep achieving and a non-performer to keep losing in life. The difference between Low-fliers and Achievers is not how they behave, but what happens in their inner world. The very thoughts we run in our mind, run our life.


These thoughts could be influenced by doubts, fears, disbeliefs and worries or it could be influenced by certainty, confidence and winning. This self-view turns out to be a vicious circle where thoughts shape behavior; behavior sculpts attitude; our attitude controls actions and our actions attracts the results. You can’t start with rotten ingredients to cook a lip-smacking dish. These continued undesirable results make many of us feel that our life is shackled, driving us deeper into a vicious cycle of victimhood.

Let’s Unshackle our life with 3 easy ideas!

1. Reset Your Thoughts

change the thought

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Have you ever had a day when everything around you was making you happy? You almost believed that there is an angel looking after your happiness. Well, the fact is – there was no angel but a chemical reaction in your body that gave you the happiness. The moment you let doubts creep up or start thinking about negative situations you faced/or might face – your body gets induced with Cortisol – a stress-releasing hormone! This ensures that you keep feeling sad or negative even if you have no reason for it. On the other hand when you laugh (even when you have no reason for it), think positive, enjoy a piece of music or dance you body gets – Endorphins – a ‘feel good’ hormone. Keep the endorphins flowing and you will see it is almost impossible to get stressed out! So, the next time you feel fearful, doubtful or negative – Just remind yourself an easy equation: A Happy Mind = Happy Life J

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2. Act, Don’t React

act dont react

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A calm mind never reacts. We all face challenging situations in life and we all have the same choices. Under such situations some of us choose doubts, worries or fear of failure while other see it as an opportunity to excel. For a wandering mind it is extremely easy to go into the reactive mode. You need to fight a battle with yourself in order to keep yourself and your mind on the track. This can be practiced through 3 mandatory steps –

a. Stop yourself from reacting – ask yourself ‘What is important NOW?’
b. Take some deep breaths, laugh, listen to music, dance or do whatever it takes to increase Endorphins in your body.
c. Make the choice! Decide whether you want to Act to stay on the track or React to lose the track.

3. Just Do It

just do it

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Often doubts and fears come from the emotional side of the brain – the right side, which keeps increasing the amount of fear and the number of tasks we fear. Being fearful isn’t completely wrong. It is our brain’s biological response that keeps us from doing the bungee jump without wearing the safety line. It certainly saves us from doing such things. But, this fear makes us feel uncomfortable also in situations like going for a big meeting, getting on the stage to address people, managing a new job profile or leading a great team. In order to create success in life it is extremely important to break through the self-limiting beliefs that hold us back.

“Do the thing you fear & the death of fear is certain”, said the poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. We have witnessed this many a times, when we run The Alchemist Challenge. When people overcome the fear that holds them back – and just do it, they often take that confidence into other parts of their lives, to create extra-ordinary results!

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Do share with us if you have found other ways to live a more powerful life…. We would be glad to hear from you!

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