January 28, 2014

Leadership lessons from ‘Lagaan’

Ever so rarely, there comes a movie, which makes a deep impact and also teaches a few lessons. Lagaan: Once upon a time in India, the epic drama written and directed by […]
January 22, 2014

Lesson from Lean In – Part I

In our corporate life, we always look out for the perfect solutions, perfect answers and perfect situations. However, life is not so perfect and the imperfections of life can be handled only […]
January 20, 2014

10 Best hotels for team building programs and team off-sites – Part 1: South India

Thank you for your response to the earlier post on designing a team off-site. We had some readers writing in to ask for suggestions on venues to conduct team off-sites and team […]
January 13, 2014

Team entertainment is not the same as team building

Teamwork makes all the difference. Slowly but surely, the wisdom of this statement seems to be seeping in, into corporates. This has reflected in an increasing number of companies now applying thought, […]
January 6, 2014

TEAMWORK in the Plant Kingdom!

We spoke in one of our earlier blogs about team work in the animal kingdom. That got me curious if there are similar stories from the plant kingdom as well. Some research […]
January 4, 2014
young team

5 Pointers for Engaging Younger Teams

The energy and enthusiasm of youngsters is infectious – especially in a workshop setting. How does a Facilitator adapt to these attributes of a younger group? We are often invited to conduct […]