Agile Learning Delivery

Do you have a program that has to be rapidly developed and deployed? Do you have to certify all employees as part of a compliance requirement? Do you have a workforce which is highly dispersed across geographies? Do you need to update your sales force with product updates with ease and speed?

Microlearning can help you deliver on these requirements with ease and speed.

FocusU brings its extensive experience of running various learning interventions, to help organizations in “Agile Learning Delivery.”

How can we help?
⦁ Rapidly design the training along with case studies and application to ensure higher impact.
⦁ Sign-off with stakeholders on the final module created.
⦁ Track progress and follow up through the system.
⦁ Real Time updates on learner engagement and competence.
⦁ Certify learners automatically through the platform.
⦁ Manage a geographically dispersed team.

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