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Sanchit Verma

Super hero: HULK | Sports team: RCB
Cuisine: North Indian | Movie: kungFu Panda
Book: The Reckoning by John Gresham | Music: Any song by Lucky Ali
Holiday: Rajasthan

Quote: Babumushoi, zindagi badi honi chahiye … lambi nahin


Sanchit Verma

Q Branch

Sanchit works as a Co-Facilitator with FocusU.

A person with a perennial smile on his face, he is the stand-up comedian in the team. With him around, there is never a dull moment – whether at office or during any of the FOCUS programs. The positivity that he brings in rubs off on everyone around – FOCUS Facilitators and workshop participants!

When he is not busy cracking jokes and making people laugh, he can be seen deeply immersed playing around with new gadgets. Technology and gadgets are his second love. His first love being the full moon (we cannot reveal more).

Post his graduation from Delhi University, Sanchit worked as a retail representative in Hewlett Packard for 3 years. In his own words, “I never thought of becoming an Instructor in FocusU, but the moment I heard about the concept of Adventure, Play and Learning coming together, I could not stop myself from joining FOCUS”.

Sanchit is an active sportsman, who loves playing cricket and volleyball.

His motto in life has always been”To make his own presence and work count”. He does much more than that in his work here at FOCUS.

What has been your personal experience of being a part of FocusU?

Sanchit Verma answers a few probing questions that shed some light. Read the interview.