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Prashant Sankaran

Super hero: Batman | Sports team: Newcastle United 
Cuisine: Wherever I go, i find comfort in South Indian 🙂 | Movie: Shutter Island
Book: Behave (Robert Sapolsky) | Music: As long as it grooves, I’m all for it!
Holiday: Ooty

Quote: The art of communication lies is listening


Prashant Sankaran


Prashant works as a Facilitator with us. His rich beard makes him stand out quite distinctly amongst the FOCUS family. Amongst our Facilitators, he is the closest who comes to the Ranbir Kapoor look in Rockstar J. Beneath that rugged beard though lies a genial, relaxed personality who has a ready smile at hand and can give you a patient ear at all times.

A graduate in Business Management, Prashanth has worked in the domains of investment banking and business development for a family-owned business venture.

A person with very versatile interests – he is one of the co-founders of the band “Fringe Medusa”, which is based out of Bangalore. An extremely passionate musician himself, he is the guitarist, songwriter and vocalist for the band. As a self-taught drummer, Prashant firmly believes in the power of challenging oneself and in continuous learning. Being able to write lyrics which tell stories, personal and fictional, Prashanth is a firm believer of the quote – “The art of conversation lies in listening.”

Prashanth is a biking enthusiast – with his trusted Thunderbird Enfield bike, he has journeyed through several road trips in and around South India. He avidly follows sport events across the globe and has played basketball competitively all through school and college.

What has been your personal experience of being a part of FocusU?

Prashant Sankaran answers a few probing questions that shed some light. Read the interview.


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