10 Most Inspirational Videos for teams


We are often asked by leaders whom we work with to share motivational videos for playing at their team off sites. Below is our list of top ten inspirational videos (in no particular order) which you could use to spark up your conferences.

1.       Al Pacino Speech from “Any Given Sunday”

For teams going through difficult times and are looking for inspiration to work together as one team, this one is a clear choice. We have used it in team alignment workshops that we run for senior leadership teams too. The below version has subtitles as well to make it easier to use for all nature of audiences.


2.       Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford, 2005

Inspirational speech by Steve Jobs in in his inimitable style, about three stories from his own life and the learning that he took away from each one of them. This is one of our favorites especially in our Genesis Induction Programs,


3.       Death Crawl from “Facing the giants”

Motivational video featuring a coach exhorting his wards to perform to their “very best”. This one is ideal, when you want the team to give more than their 100% in achieving tough business goals.


4.       4x400m relay Indian women’s team at CWG 2010 winning gold

Watching sport live is an exhilarating experience in itself, but when an underdog comes from behind to take on bigger teams with more pedigree, it takes that experience to another level. This is the video of the Gold medal winning Indian Women team 4×400 relay at CWG 2010. (P.S. You could show only the winning portion of the video depending on the time you have)

5.       Shah Rukh Khan – Chak De Speech

Who can forget Shah Rukh’s speech to the Indian women’s hockey team in the iconic movie, “Chak de”?  – Instilling the belief, that if you set your sights on the goal and execute relentlessly during crucial times, there is no force that can stop you.


6.       We are Marshall – Pregame Speech

The movie is based on the true story of a college football team, which has to rise literally from the ashes, after many of its star players are killed in a plane crash. This is the pre- game speech by the Coach reminding them of their past, and willing his team to give their best regardless of the outcome.


7.       Susan Boyle 1st Audition on “Britain’s Got Talent”

The audition by 47 year old Susan Boyle at the popular reality show “Britain’s got talent” is an eye opening testimony to the fact that if someone works with single-minded focus on a passion, no matter how young (or old) they are, they would have their moment in time to make the world sit up and take note – ideal for use in situations when team members are facing self-doubts about achieving their goals.


8.       I am a champion Speech – Flowers Coach

Believing that you are champions can win you battles that you would never think possible. Remember the swagger of the Aussies cricket team of the first 2000-2010 period? They walked onto the field acting like champions and in the process destroyed opponents’ self-belief even before the game actually started. This video is ideal for reinforcing the mindset that we are winners!

9.       Severn Suzuki speaking at the UN Summit 1992

20 years later, this is one which makes you sit up and take note of the powerful message in a young girl’s speech. If anything, the relevance of this moving message has only increased in the 20 years that have passed since it was made.

10.   US Marines going into battle at Afghanistan

This is a secretly recorded pre-war talk given to a team of Marines before they board helicopters to fly into battle at Afghanistan (Disclaimer: The language used in the video might not be suitable for some audiences, so would need to watch out for that!)

I am sure that each of us would have watched videos which have inspired you in some way. Join the conversation and share your comments and your own favourite videos.

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