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Masterclass on Breaking Barriers

Credits: Masterclass on Breaking Barriers

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Sufiya Runner, fondly known as “Sufi,” has a string of victories in prestigious marathon events and a reputation for pushing her limits, Sufi has earned her place among the top athletes in the endurance racing scene. But what sets her apart is not just her athletic prowess—it’s her ability to motivate and uplift others through her story and achievements.

Her journey began with humble beginnings, where she would often run barefoot on the dusty village roads, dreaming of one day competing on a larger stage. With each stride, Sufiya defied the odds, breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes about what women from her background could achieve in the world of sports.

Today, she is India’s record breaking long distance runner. She started by conquering the Trans-India run, then tackled the massive Golden Quadrilateral (a 6,000 km route!), and even dominated the Himalayan Ultra Challenge. Sufiya’s achievements showcase incredible determination and the ability to push boundaries, qualities valuable in any team.

Sufiya shares valuable insights into leadership, teamwork, and personal development that can empower employees to overcome challenges.

From practical strategies for navigating obstacles to managing stress, and maintaining motivation in the face of adversity – Sufiya not only shares her incredible journey but also ignites a fire within others to chase their dreams and overcome any obstacles in their path.

Spotlight Areas:
  • Women Empowerment
  • Leadership Resilience
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Beyond the Finish Line – Lessons from the Run
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60-90 minutes

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