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Sophia David

Source: TEDx Talks

Sophia David is a TED Speaker and an Inclusion & Diversity advocate and prefers the pronouns “she, her and hers” while she self identifies. She was a UN Women Speaker who represented India at the International Conference for Gender Equality. She works with one of the top four consulting firms in the World. She works in organizational development, leading a talent group that proctors learning in Leadership, Behavior and Communication. She is a Facilitator, a Consultant and a Leader Coach with about 19 years of work experience.

She works with various Diversity & Inclusion panels, councils and organizations around the world in bringing awareness and sensitization around issues that people face at the workplace. She is instrumental in bringing policy changes and benefits awareness to people from different walks of life.

In the past, she has worked with the learning organizations of several industries, such as Aerospace, Retail, Customer Care, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Publishing and Management consulting. She started of with General Electric (GE) as a facilitator and has worked across geographies at some of the leading organizations of the world including Salesforce, WeWork, Dell, Microsoft, American Express and Lufthansa.

She is certified from the University of Cambridge, UK, has a background in Neuro-linguistics and Psychology while holding a degree in Mathematics. She is British Council certified and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

She is an International Human Rights Advocate with a focus on Women & LGBTQ+ issues and believes everyone should lend their voice to issues that affect all people. She does a lot of pro bono work, presenting and talking to Leaders in multi-national companies, universities and government agencies.

In her spare time, she takes the stage as a theatre artist, or she works as a voice actor on TV and radio. She likes to read Poetry and Fiction and she loves to watch foreign films.

Spotlight Areas:

Sophia is an eminent speaker and addresses audiences at many levels. She can engage people from various cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. Her sessions are based on a change she is going through personally, the trigger to which is based on surviving a fatal illness. She shares ‘lived experiences’ that will strive to nudge society in bringing a paradigm shift in the way it treats people who struggle with issues around identity and self-worth. She speaks about:

• Diversity & Inclusion
• Gender Equality
• Leadership
• Unconscious Bias

A Few Key Parameters:

60-90 minutes

Time Limit

Keynote Speech

Where this can be run

15 – 500

Group sizes

1 Session

No. Of Session

Debrief can be customised


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