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Learning Journey

Whether it is offline in a workshop or in one of our online courses, we strongly believe in the Experiential learning cycle.


Engagement is critical in the learning process to promote meaningful learning. We do this through bringing alive the topic using small group discussions, videos, stories, and humour.


Learning a new skill though needs repeated practice. Our courses nudge participants to try out new behaviors through interesting exercises and activities.


Reflection allows learners to step back from the learning and improve on future performance by analysing what they have learned and how far they have come


Learning gets anchored when we share it with others. With the use of questions, clarifications and iterations, participants arrive upon greater understanding.

How Leadership Development Programs can be delivered virtually

A Digital-U learning experience is a comprehensive learning journey crafted keeping the context of the customer in mind and delivered digitally. Instead of the learner coming to a training venue, the training is brought to the learner, wherever he is through the magic of technology. The different components of a Digital-U experience include some or all of these, as per customer requirement:

Pre-work / Pre-assessment
Every learning is a journey. And if learners doesn’t know where they stand, they will not be able to appreciate where they have reached by the end of the learning experience.

Virtual Workshop
Standard webinars have one person speaking and all other participants being invisible. What it replicates is more of a classroom session. But what is learning without engagement? Learning facilitated in a “Virtual & Experiential” format is what we call as Virtual Workshops – short 120-minute sessions with engagement.

Virtual Workshops which deliver larger chunks of knowledge are interspersed with engaging microlearning content requiring participants to engage for a maximum 10 minutes per day. As research shows – such repetitions and reminders serve as deliberate practice that makes learning stick. This is regardless of whether an employee is new, seasoned or an expert.

Curated Reading
We live in times where there is a perennial paucity of bandwidth to take time for reading. Especially when there seems so many other things to do with one’s time. And yet we all know how quality reading deepens understanding and builds knowledge. Hence, in each of our programs we provide a curated list of the latest advances in the topic.

Group Coaching
Learning is not just about knowing new things. It is about assimilating it, pondering over it, questioning it, challenging it and finally coming to a new understanding of the topic and seeing it with new eyes. Group coaching helps learners see topics through multiple perspectives, accelerates motivation and enriches learners.

Post-work / Post-assessment
If the learning was truly a journey, the learner would be keen to know where he has arrived. As the poet T.S. Eliot said, “The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”