Execute Your Corporate Learning Program the Unconventional Way!

Welcome to FocusU where we believe that learning by doing - with a healthy dose of fun, laughter and meaningful conversations - is the only way really for adults to learn.

All our work is around helping teams be more effective. And in a workshop scenario, we believe this can happen only when every participant is fully engaged. Over the years we have custom designed innumerable workshops and workshop experiences – which are not just unconventional, but distinctly memorable too!

Many of our clients now engage us for their marketing initiatives too – like dealer meets, product launches and channel engagement initiatives!

Each and every one of our interventions is custom designed and expertly delivered - with an incredible amount of thought and passion. Don't take our word for it - do see what our customers say in their testimonials.

• Among the largest players in the Corporate Learning space in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region
• A solid track record of 14 years in this business
• Currently operating out of 14 different locations spread across the APAC region
• Conducting around 600 team building workshops every year - empowering 25000 participants

This is what we believe in!
• An experiential approach to everything we do...What you do, you understand!
• The power of PLAY and being playful!
• Being "Facilitators" who guide, rather than "Trainers" out to enlighten the world!
• Being madly, fanatically, passionate about what we do!

Come join the growing tribe of FocusU fans!