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FocusU Certified Facilitator Program

Ready to launch your Facilitation career? 
Get certified by industry experts!

Certified Facilitator

"Laughter is no enemy to learning!"

This quote by Walt Disney has been the inspiration for the FocusU way of Facilitation. More than a thousand companies we work with resonate with this!

What is this about?

The demand for skilled facilitators is booming. This certification equips aspiring facilitators with the tools and techniques to

Craft a Fulfilling Career

Leverage your corporate experience with multiple clients in the thriving gig economy.

Work from anywhere around the world

This is one skill that you can put to use anywhere around the world (as long as you know the local language).

Become a Master Facilitator

Transform from delivering training to facilitating impactful learning experiences.

Boost Engagement and Learning

Discover how to guide teams to define goals clearly, identify roadblocks, develop actionable plans and unlock their full potential.

Deliver Exceptional

Become the difference between an effective corporate offsite and a dud.

Discover Experiential Learning

Employ experiential learning methods to engage adult learners and drive

Is this program for you?

This is an intensive 4-month immersion into the world of Facilitation that is being run only for a small cohort of 10 people. If you think you meet these criteria below, we invite you to apply:

  • Corporate Leaders who have 10+ years of work experience, who would like to step out and venture as freelance Facilitators.
  • Corporate Trainers with 10+ years of work experience who aspire to transition into Facilitation using experiential methods.

What can you expect from
having this certification?


An opportunity to grow with us – being tagged as a Facilitator for FocusU programs. We run around 1000 workshops a year as of now.


Acceptance and recognition of the certification by a large community of learning delivery organizations in India and abroad with whom you could find work too.


Recognition by a large pool of corporates who have been through the FocusU experience.


Becoming a part of a growing community of Facilitators and learning from each other.

What you should consider before you apply

What clients have to say about workshops
facilitated by FocusU Certified Facilitators

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    It’s not about the content or activities. Those can be replicated by others. It’s what the FocusU team does with them which makes the experience so special.’’

    Tanmaya Vats
    Pepsico GVIC VP & Head
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    I know I can never go wrong with FocusU when I wish to conduct an impactful session that leaves my team members energized and inspired.

    Akanksha Takyar
    Avery Dennison India Associate Manager HR
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    They swayed us away from our daily work pressure with their warm and infectious smile and extraordinary energies.

    Vidita Chachra
    XL Catlin Deputy Manager
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    I have never received such overwhelmingly positive feedback from each and every participant before for any other program.

    Taslima Hasnat Jaigirder
    Unilever Bangladesh HR Business Partner
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    You people have energized our team beyond our expectation.

    Kiran Kumar
    Cairn India HR Manager
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    The team had so much fun, while experiencing learnings from each other and the activity itself. So many moments of wow - we loved it all.

    Radha Sriharsha
    Maersk OSC India Pvt. Ltd. HR Lead
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    We have been thrilled to work with FocusU over the past three consecutive years in a row.

    Anoop Prakash
    Harley Davidson Managing Director
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    The messages of continuous learning and co-creation were brought out beautifully through the experiential activity, during our workshop with our Top distributors.

    Ekta Kumar
    Shell Lubricants Lean and Continuous Improvement Lead- India
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    Each activity that they conducted was done really-really well. A Ten star rating isn’t enough to summarize the value that they added to the participants who attended.

    Antony Titus
    DHL Express Head - Customer Service Development

Clients who trust FocusU
Certified Facilitators

Our unconditional guarantee

For more than a decade now, we have offered this unconditional guarantee to all our customers: Happy or Free. We cannot guarantee you will turn out to be a great Facilitator. Like every new skill, it needs time, commitment and practice. However, we can guarantee that we will leave no stone unturned to set you on the path to be one. If at the end of 3 months, you feel we haven’t done enough – do let us know and we will refund your complete investment in this certification. No questions asked.

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