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Why Ownership Matters? Pt 2

If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me – Part 2
In part 1, I covered how organizations bleed when they fail to foster a culture of ownership. In this article I will discuss 3 powerful ways to foster ownership and improve the quality of results that you get as a team.

For you as an individual
Lack of ownership is costly and we can’t afford to let it rust the organization’s culture. Instead of passing the buck it’s time to take back control of your own life and say “If it is going to be, it’s up to me.” If you need to get your relationship, career, health, business, or network on track, it is for you to chart an action plan to make a turnaround. If you are not happy with your salary, take action – undergo training in your domain, take up assignments which give you exposure, add more value to yourself, and then ask your manager for a raise or simply make a move where you are more valued. If you want better quality relationships ask yourself, “what things should I start doing or stop doing to make my relationship a relation from heaven?” If you desire peak health levels, decide to join a gym, take up an aerobics course, or start a healthy diet. You can change your life when you take ownership of your own life. No one and absolutely no one can help you change your life but you. You have to move towards your dream life by crafting a plan and taking massive action.

Focartoon showing conversation between leader and employeer you as a leader!
If you are a leader managing a team, go the extra mile by empowering people around you to take ownership. Whether you are a manager with a team working for you, a father with a beautiful family, or an employee working for a corporation, you can help others to take ownership. The three ways to empower people listed below can give you instant results.

  1. Act as if you are the owner
    When you act as an owner you eliminate boundaries and think about the overall good. You shift your thinking from the point of view of an employee to an employer, from a child to a contributor, or from a team member to a manager. This expanded thinking gives you the extra energy and ideas to complete the task successfully.
  2. Let it go
    Stop micromanaging people around you, be it your personal or professional life. When you micromanage you send a message that others are not their own individual part of the system, instead they are only value-creators working for you.
  3. Ask people for their views
    Ask your child how to keep the home clean; ask your employees how to increase productivity; ask your friends how to succeed in a project. Involvement opens the gate to ownership. When you ask people for their views you make them a part of the system and hence part owners.
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No matter where you are or what you do, you have the power to take ownership and take your life to the next level. Write to us at hello@focusu..com if you would like to deliver the message of ownership through motivational workshops at your next offsite, sales conference, or business event. We would be excited to partner with you for your organization’s success.

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