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What Are Your Happy Hours?

Have you smiled yet?

The story started with a very simple question by my 7 years old daughter, Siddhi. The conversation that followed lead to a daily ritual that I will remain eternally grateful for! Sometimes very simple things in life become the driving force behind unforgettable memories. Moments that add light and meaning to life, at the same time.

Now, for the story – Few months back Siddhi came to me with a suspiciously curious look on her face and asked

“Papa, this is the third time I noticed that all pictures of clock have the same time, why?”

She had been learning to read the time in her school and so, had been very carefully observing all clocks. I didn’t know the right answer at that time and so, I just told her that it is kept this way because it’s the “happy time.” I further told that if she looked at the clock’s face, she’d notice how it seemed to be smiling. This made my little girl’s eyes sparkle, a truly Aha! moment. She thanked me with a pleased look in her eyes. The look an explorer would probably have on discovering something new!

The same day, exactly at 10:10 PM, she was right in front of me with a bright smile on her face. I asked her what the deal was? She cheerfully asked me to smile since it was “the Happy Time!”

I was surprised that she had held onto that silly piece of information with so much emotion! I could never have thought of the impact it would have. I responded with a smile back and it became our daily ritual. And I am proud to say that we have never missed our #happytime. Even on days when I am travelling on a weekend and its morning happy time (it occurs twice daily… for those who never noticed), I call her and nudge for a smile!

“Siddhi – My Sunshine”

That’s not all, after a few weeks there was another discovery in house. She came running to me on a Saturday afternoon – Papa look at the clock! It’s another happy time!”  It was 01:50 PM according to the watch and it was again looking the same. Eventually, we figured out that we get 3 #happytimes in a day. The 4th one lands little late in night to catch up. This funny little ritual of happy time was quite harmless to follow, and it soon became a routine between both of us. Sometimes, even the other family members in the house also participate in the ritual.

Having two little munchkins in my life has made me realise the importance of small pleasures. Look at the little kids – how often they smile, and we adults so easily take things for granted. 

This weird little ritual of ours comes to my rescue in the most unexpected ways. I was little stressed out one day while preparing for a demanding workshop. Suddenly I noticed it’s the ”happy time” in the clock. I had a smile on my face. It was so therapeutic, others around me kept wondering what I was up to; but our little secret worked for me, like magic!

In these uncertain times of change and social distancing, such small rituals can make a big difference! So, did you smile today? Do you have your happy times with your loved ones, everyday?

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